Dental Braces Possible Complications

However, wearing dental braces is at times not the most comfortable thing, and some patients also feel frustrated while smiling and showing those wires in between the teeth. But every single effort is done for the better, so it is important to respect the treatment time if you want the best possible results.

Bigger risk for tooth stains, decay & decalcification

When you wear the dental braces, you might find it difficult to brush and floss your teeth regularly and thoroughly. However, you must pay attention to regular oral health hygiene, because plaque can be extremely destructive.

Dental plaque is filled with bacteria which actually draw away important calcium and phosphorus from the teeth. The outer layer of your tooth might easily get damaged if you do not brush and floss regularly during the course of treatment with dental braces.

Soft tissue inflammation because of the dental braces

The wires and the brackets of the dental braces can easily irritate soft tissue in your mouth (the inside of your cheeks, the gums, or your tongue). If you notice such irritations in your mouth because of the dental braces, you should ask your dentist for a special wax which will help with tissue regeneration and healing.

Jaw Joint Pain & Discomfort because of the dental braces

During orthodontic treatment, you might notice that your jaw makes those popping and clicking sounds more often. Or, you can feel a slight pain and discomfort in the jaw line. Whenever you struggle with such problems you must tell your orthodontist about them, so he can make the proper adjustments for the dental braces to fit without causing any pain.

Fracturing of the tooth enamel

When placing and/or removing appliances such as dental braces, slight cracks in the enamel can occur. This is why it is important to go for orthodontic treatment to an extremely trustworthy and experienced dentist, who knows exactly how to avoid such risks.

If one of the brackets only is set at the wrong angle, the next time you take a bite you can easily fracture the tooth enamel, which is the protective layer of the tooth. Also, many times the ceramic dental braces which are tooth colored can be quite abrasive with the enamel structure of the teeth.

Smoking Risks & wearing dental braces

When you go through orthodontic treatment, you actually need the teeth to move nicely into their place and get stronger and well aligned. When you smoke, one of the main problems is that you will actually reduce the blood flow to the tissues of the mouth.

You need the best blood flow in order for the teeth to be able to shift and move in your mouth during the treatment with dental braces. Smoking cessation is recommended not only during orthodontic treatment, but giving up permanently will benefit greatly your entire oral health.