Custom Made Dental Mouthguards Important Details

However, many patients struggling with nighttime teeth grinding will also be advised to wear such a custom made dental night mouth guard.

This will not allow the teeth to touch, and thus the patient will avoid an achy jaw in the morning and the risk of dental erosion because of the teeth grinding during the night.

According to estimations, about 35% and up to 50% of the sports related injuries involve injuries to the teeth and mouth in general. Some of these injuries include broken teeth, chipped teeth, injury to the soft tissue, teeth concussion or sub-luxation.

As you can note, a custom made dental night mouth guard can really keep all these risks away, no matter what type of sport you are practicing.

Also, a dental night mouth guard can save you thousands of dollars you would otherwise need to spend on cosmetic dentistry treatments such as replacing a missing tooth with dental implants.

The custom made dental night mouth guards will typically adjust perfectly to your mouth shape and they are every comfortable to wear. If you will have a look at the drug stores or pharmacies you will see that they sell such universal night mouth guards.

You should never purchase such a dental night mouth guard, because you need one that fits the exact anatomy and shape of your mouth and teeth, for maximum protection but also comfort.

The universal dental night mouth guards that can be purchased at the pharmacy will keep on falling out from your mouth, or worse irritating your gums, since they are not custom made. The trauma impact will not be successfully avoided with such night mouth guards. It is much better to call your dentist and ask about the possibility of having custom made dental night mouth guards.

The dentist will take an impression of your teeth, and then send this impression to the dental lab. Then, a specialist will fabricate the dental night mouth guard that you can wear comfortably any time you need it.

Another important aspect regarding a dental night mouth guard, is that you can actually choose among plenty of color combinations for your custom made product. If you are into martial arts or boxing, you are not allowed to wear dental mouthgards that are of very dark colors such as black.

This is so, because in case of a bleeding from the gums, the bleeding cannot be detected easily since the color of the night mouth guard is dark itself.

Choose light colors such as soft pink or white for your custom made dental night mouth guard. The transparent night mouth guards also represent one of the best options, since you will be able to detect immediately any signs of injury.

A custom made dental night mouth guard will fit perfectly, and not interfere with your breathing, or cause any irritations. At first it might feel strange to wear your dental night mouth guard, but the more you will wear it, the better and faster you will get used to it.

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