Low Cost Dental Clinics at Dentistry Schools: Comprehensive Guide to Free and Affordable Dentistry

Currently, there are millions of Americans without any kind of dental insurance. This means that they cannot afford even basic dental care, let alone affording treatment for a more serious dental complication.

The good news is that there are many dental schools available across the country, where uninsured or underinsured patients can get free and affordable dental care. At these schools, the treatments are provided by dental students, because this is the way these dental students learn through hands on practice.

However, their work is at all times closely supervised by professional dentists, so there is no need to worry regarding the safety, professionalism, or quality of these services.

The dental students offer everything from the most basic treatments such as dental cleanings, scaling or extractions, and up to the most complex treatments such as dental implants or even root canal treatments.

Therefore, if you have been worrying regarding the safety of these treatments, you ca now rest assured that you will have access to top notch dental care services for a fraction of the price you would normally pay at a dental office. Quite often, many of these services are offered completely free.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list with dental schools by state, which offer such free and affordable dental care treatments.

Free and Affordable Dental Care in California

All across California, there are several dental schools available where patients can go whenever they need dental treatments data low price.

The University of California Los Angeles School of Dentistry: provides affordable dental care for both children and adults, and you will usually pay up to 50% less than in a dental office.

Loma Linda University School of Dentistry: here you can find a wide spectrum of dental services, ranging from cleanings, fillings and extractions and up to dental braces, dental implants or root canal treatments.

University of Southern California School of Dentistry, Norris Dental Science Center Clinic. Here, you will also find a wide range of dental treatments, which cost significantly less than services in a private office. Patients with Delta Dental or Denti-Cal insurance plans are extremely welcome.

University of the Pacific School of Dentistry: this is a dental school which besides the usual and basic dental treatments, also offers cosmetic dental treatments such as the Invisalign invisible braces, and all other orthodontics treatments.

Colorado Free and Affordable Dental Services

At the University of Colorado, School of Dentistry patients receive discounted dental treatments. The single drawback is that patients are put on a waiting list, and the treatment time might take longer than usual. Remember that students are learning through practice, and the professional dentists must supervise every single piece of work performed by them.

Free and Affordable Dental Care in Connecticut

Very affordable and free dental services can be received at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. Even though the dental treatment times might be lengthier than treatments received at a private practice, the prices are significantly lower.

Free and Affordable Dental Work in Florida

The best two dental schools across Florida where patients can receive free and affordable dental care include the University of Florida College of Dentistry and the Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine.

At these school clinics patients can choose low cost dental care, special endodontic treatments, periodontics, oral surgery and even prosthetic treatments such as bridges, crowns and partial dentures.

Illinois Free and Low Cost Dental Care

Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. At this school there is a special dental implant program available, but also special oral surgery, advanced diagnostics and prosthodontic treatments.

University of Illinois at Chicago College Dentistry – here are welcome both children and adults for special dental treatments at affordable prices.

Free and Low Cost Dental Care in Indiana

At the Indiana University School of Dentistry, patients with almost all types of insurance policies are highly welcome to receive the treatments. They also have a special dental program for the homeless, called the Gennesaret Free Clinic, and quite often the students here offer dentures for free.

Iowa Low Cost Dental Services

At the University of Iowa College of Dentistry the low cost dental services are provided by dental students, and it is important to keep in mind that treatment
times might take longer than at a private office.

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  • Dess

    How do I find out when there are free dental events in my area? Palm beach county? Thanks for any responses.
    Sincerely, Odessa
    I have a disease that has caused me great pain and I’ve got some kind of periodontal disease going on from it and malnutrition because can’t afford enough food. I’ve lost 4 teeth already in less than 12 months and I have abscesses on both sides of my mouth.

  • http://www.juniordentist.com/ Varun

    Dental Schools offer low cost treatment but is the quality of the treatment upto the mark ??
    Heard some bad treatment tales from friends. Any way thanks for the List, will be useful.

  • http://www.dentistcudahyca.com ladan

    This is good news indeed for Americans who are uninsured or under insured patients. You will just browse over in this article the comprehensive list of free and low cost dental schools and clinics located in your states area. I’m sure there are a lot more low cost and affordable clinics you may know in your vicinity and this blog post is a big help for anyone in getting good ideas where to find these dental schools that can solve oral problems at a fractio of the price. One thing I wanted to add to this is that I am from California, and I know that the dental schools on California do not offer free dental work. But they do offer discounted fees. The drawback will be your time spent there because since they are students it will take them a very long time to do the treatment. But sometimes if you have the time that is worth it. My other suggestion is that you can find dental offices that do offer discounted fees as well, sometimes comparable to dental schools. You just have to look for them. In my dental office we have specials all the time ranging anywhere from 10% to 50%. So it is possible. I want to thank the author of this great post, because they put a lot of time and effort to bring you such coprehensive list. So, what are you waiting for? go ahead and take action now and see which one suits you best before losing your lovely teeth!

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