Best Pediatric Dentist – Best Dentist for Kids

When we speak about the unique needs of our infants, children or adolescents we mean that the best pediatric dentist is needed. When we speak about the best dentist for kids we mean that he or she should be a kind person, looking friendly, be communicative and, of course, a real master of his or her profession – pediatric dentistry.

Best pediatric dentist should always smile. His kindness should be present even before the child entered the dentist’s room. These first minutes of getting to know the future patient are very important. A good pediatric dentist will use them to become a friend of the small and sensitive human. It is important to have the child’s trust, to be sure that the small one knows that he came to be helped and he will be helped. The best pediatric dentist knows that.

A good step in becoming a friend of the child is to remember or to find out in advance his name. The child will be surprised to meet someone unknown who knows his name. An experienced dentist knows that the sound of name is as pleasant for everybody as a pronounced eulogy.

One of the most important skills in dentistry for kids is the communicability. The best pediatric dentist should be able to talk to kids and to make himself understood. He can tell the child everything he is doing at the moment, but changing the meaning of words a bit. It will make the small patient interested in something different from the pain he might fell.

For a good pediatric dentist is important to be able to verbalize correctly the child’s feelings. This simple but useful action makes the kid feel understood because in that moment he feels bad and he wants everyone to know this, because he is a kid. Imagine his amazement when someone else does this for him, considering the child’s inability to produce any sound with sense.

A good pediatric dentist will keep talking with the child’s mother or any other related person who the small one came with. He may give her questions making a dialog about the kid who will listen carefully what those people are talking about him as if he was absent. On the other hand the presence of someone close helps a lot.

The best dentist for kids should know how to behave like a child. Children like playing with other children. If the doctor transforms the curing process into a game, where the kid plays an important role, then the whole action might become even interesting. The pediatric dentist may create some strange voice accent or changeable intonation. Children pay attention to such unusual details and sometimes concentrate on them during the whole process.

Being a good teacher is also important. Sometimes pediatric dentists have to teach children healthy habits of keeping teeth clean. Here the doctor should know how to explain in a simple way rather complicated instructions, complicated for a child.

And of course the best pediatric dentist knows his job perfectly. He is able to work in stressful situations, when the kid gets nervous and begins to move inappropriately. He is patient and has a well developed emotional intelligence. At the right moment a good dentist should distract the child’s attention, especially when a painful action is going to be produced. He should know his patient’s way of thinking, the small and sensitive parts of the child’s nature. Pediatric dentist must be a good psychologist and a master of his hands. Only in this case we can truly call him the best pediatric dentist.