Cambodia’s High-Quality And Affordable Dentistry Is Becoming Known Abroad

The painted signs outside roadside dental clinics, of hefty pliers plucking teeth from open mouths, are not representative of Cambodian dentistry. Thank goodness. In fact, dental care in Cambodia has come a long way in recent years, dental training has begun anew and the quality of dental procedures and services, and equipment, has improved ten-fold.

General director of Apsara Dental Clinic and vice president of the Cambodian Dental Association Dr. Poch Sophearoth, says of all the health services available in Cambodia, the dental sector is the most trusted.

“When Cambodians get sick they often go abroad, but when they have a dental problem, they use the services this country has to offer. There is no need to venture overseas, because quality dental procedures are available here,” Poch says.

He says Cambodia’s reputation for high-quality dentistry, at a reasonable price, is becoming known abroad; this reputation is attracting foreign patients to the country, in what the Cambodian Government is touting as “dental tourism”.

“Cambodia is seeing more and more foreigners coming for dental treatment, just as Thailand does.”

Owner of Bright Smile Dental Clinic Dr. Som Vichet agrees. “We have modern equipment and facilities, our services are cheaper and our treatment is on a par. Why would anyone bother to go overseas?”

“Except for major surgery,” Poch says, “Cambodian dentists can now perform most procedures with recognized quality, procedures such as, tooth bleaching and whitening; diastema closures; dental bridges; splints; diagrammatic representations of surgery; restorative surgery; periodontal and gum disease treatments, orthodontic work and root canals.”

“However, on the other hand, most of the Cambodian population, especially those in rural areas, cannot afford to go to the dentist — children are especially vulnerable.”

Director of Phnom Penh’s Pachem Dental Clinic Leag Ton says Cambodians are facing serious dental problems. “In developed countries, dental health is very important, but Cambodians … don’t place much importance on their teeth. Life goes on, even with tooth ache,” Leag says.

Head of Japanese-based NGO The Tooth & Tooth Dr.Wataru Shimazu has been working in conjunction with Pachem Dental Clinic for the last five years, and he says Cambodian children are particularly at-risk “When I worked with children on Koh Dach, I removed up to five teeth from every child on the island. In Japan every child goes to the dental clinic every six months, but in Cambodia most children have never been, and never will,” Shimazu says.

“Poor dental health does not cause death, but it does affect people’s daily lives. It will make people smell bad, speak poorly, eat with difficulty, have an unattractive smile, and other related health problems,” he cautions. “Being loved or unloved sometimes depends on these kinds of things.”

  • rick

    iam enquiring about dental surgery and would like to know how i go about it, and who to contact? i would like to have these procedure in cambodia.

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  • Dr. tho panhavuth

    Dear milk,
    i am a dentist in Cambodia, Perfect Smile Dental Care. i would like to tell you about the root canal treatment on molar teeth, the price is depend on how severe of your teeth. normally the price is around 30 to 60USD.
    That’s fantastic if you can do a dental tourism in Cambodia because the dental service is good even price and quality, and we have many wonderful ancient place to visit with full of natural. world gives name to Cambodia “Kingdom of Wonder”.
    if you don’t mind i would like to know about your opportunity?
    Have a great day.

  • Mike

    I’d like to know the price for large molar implants and wisdom tooth extraction.

  • tony hartley

    six ceramic crowns 4 root canal, full clean ,and 4 old fillings replaced with white fillings total price $600 aust couldnt be more pleased, all in three days. girl friend was so rapped she has had the front 4 crowns she had dont in aust for $5000 replaced as they were rubbish and she could never eat hard food she payed $480 aust not she eats apples steak with ease these people dont do the standard aust just pull the tooth their hygene is excellent and they make you the paying customer the important person not like many of our denist who just rush you through

  • jasmine

    Hi, iv recently returned from cambodia and noticed a lot of dentists. im very interested in coming over and getting a full set of porcelain veneers could you tell me a rough price for the work. thank you

  • costa

    J’aimerai connaitre les tarifs pratiqués par les dentistes au Cambodge, pour une consultation dentaire, un soin conservateur de carie, une extraction. Et les tarifs pratiqués par les dentistes traditionnels (guérisseurs). Merci

  • jerome dennehy

    how much dose it cost for whole jaw with implants and some bone grafting as well.