Where to Get Affordable Dental Work?

An affordable dental service is however a key component of oral health. It is not simply an issue of cosmetics or about the smile. Bad oral hygiene and health can have serious consequences such as heart disease. Obtaining affordable health care is crucial for most of us.

Affordable and Low Cost Dental Care Abroad – Dental Tourism

Believe it or not, globalization has actually paved the way for affordable health care in the West. With freedom to travel all over the world, dentists in the West no longer have monopoly over their clients.

Consumers now have the opportunity to prospect health care across the globe. The truth is people can get cheap dental care abroad in many different places. This does not imply that the quality is somewhat impaired. On the contrary, quality of dental tourism care is often equal to the standards of the western countries.

One of the countries offering the most affordable dental treatment abroad is India. This country has a very large pool of competent dental professionals. This large pool of labor forces the dentists to lower their charges in order to attract dental tourism customers. The competencies of Indian dentists cannot be questioned. Some of the world’s most renowned medical and dental colleges can be found in India.

The cost of most dental care procedures abroad is a fraction of what they would cost in the US or the UK. For example, a dental filling would cost between $300 to 400 in the west but would cost a ridiculous $20 in India. Coming nearer to Europe and the West, one can find more affordable dental services in Eastern European countries.

A famous example is Hungary. Part of the European Union, Hungary has the added advantage of being subject to European laws. This is a guarantee of excellence and a security against malpractice. In other words, dental tourism customers have less fear of not being able to complain against a poor work performed by a dentist.

Low Cost and Free Dental Care in Dentistry Schools

Of course, not everybody can afford a dental vacation tour. For those of us who cannot, there is a need to look for affordable dental services within the area. This is not entirely impossible. One good place to start looking for low cost dental care is the dental schools. Most dental schools offer good quality dental work at very competitive prices. This is because their first objective is to train their students rather than make a living from the profession.

Affordable Dental Care with Fee Rebates 

If there are no dental schools in your area, then you might have to negotiate with the available dentists themselves. The L.A. Times reported that over 50% of dentists would consider rebates on their fees if the patient asked for it.

The first thing to do is to obtain a recommendation for a dentist. Avoid going to a dentist simply because he/she is cheap. Your teeth are precious; do not trust anybody with them! You might then wish to call at the dental office during times when you know there will not be a rush.

The dentist will most likely accept a fee reduction when there is not much demand for his services. Often the secretary is authorized to negotiate rates and discounts. Most dentists accept to give discounts if you pay cash, but some do accept checks as well.

Another way to reduce dental costs is to discuss treatment options with your dentist. For example, instead of a composite resin filling, you can opt for a silver filling, which costs 50% less. If your dentist recommends gum surgery, tell him to consider deep cleaning, which costs 75% less. While the need for surgery will not disappear, it would have put it off for a few days.

Of course, one way to minimize your dental bill is to maintain a good oral hygiene. Preventive measures such as brushing and flushing will keep most dental problems at bay and reduce the cost of restorative measures if a problem does arise. Consumption of cigarettes (if you can afford a cigarette, you probably can afford dental care!) and certain sugary foods should be reduced.

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    The point of not choosing a dentist because he/she is cheap cannot be stressed enough. While I understand budget constraints, many people do not realize just how much damage can be done to their teeth by an incompetent dentist. Keep in mind that enamel once lost is gone forever. Some dental procedures actually require the dentist to remove part of the healthy tooth, therefore you obviously want a dentist who is experienced enough to only do what is necessary for the procedure. No one wants to hear an “oops!” from their dentist.