Five Ways to Save Money on Dental Work

One of the reasons why people dislike going to the dentist is because it costs so much to have dental work done.

It is particularly true in western countries that dental work is very expensive.

You will wind up paying a lot or your hard earned money for dental work because you can’t ignore the problems that you are having with your teeth.

The reason why dental work is so expensive is the result of many factors. These factors include the cost associated with the instruments that are used as well as the materials that are used during the dental procedures.

In addition, dental work usually requires multiple appointments and is frequently very time consuming. Another important factor that contributes to the high costs of dental work is the cost of the expertise of the dentist.

Basically, there are five ways to reduce the cost of your dental work which include:

Prevention: There is an old adage that says an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true for dental work. Many of the problems that people have with their teeth could be prevented if they practiced good dental hygiene. The best dental hygiene is comprised of avoiding snacking between meals, rinsing the teeth after eating, flossing, and brushing.

Regular dental visits: This will save you a lot of money in the long run. Regular visits to your dentist will help to identify a problem with your teeth when the problem is still in its initial stages, which are much more economical than treating the problem after it has gotten to the advanced stage.

Interception immediately: You will wind up paying more for a dental problem that worsens in time because it will require procedures that are more invasive. If you detect that you have a dental problem, you need to have the treatment done as soon as possible because the cost to repair the problem will increase when the problem worsens.

Dental insurance: To help contain the significant cost of dental treatments, there are many kinds of dental coverage such as dental plans and dental insurance. Most of these won’t cover the costs for dental implants or tooth whitening and other cosmetic procedures that are similar. Be sure that you read the fine print when choosing a dental plan or dental insurance.

Options: You should always ask your dentist about the associated costs for the various treatment options because frequently there are some available with each having their own specific disadvantages and advantages.

Dental tourism: Dental tourism can be used for expensive dental work. To do this you have to travel to a country overseas where the cost for dental work is considerable less expensive than in countries in the west. These overseas dentists are well trained and qualified. In addition, you can combine having your dental work done with a vacation. This concept is known as dental tourism. However, this is only practical for dental work that is very expensive.

These are just some of the ways to save money on dental work. Do you have some to add?

  • Simone Mueller

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  • Dental Health Magazine

    An addition to your article about saving money on dental work: In Canada, clients now have the choice to seek dental hygiene care from an independent dental hygienists. When working independently, dental hygienists bill from the Dental Hygienist’s fee guide, which is 20-30% less than the dentist’s fee guide for scaling, polishing, sealants, desensitizing and periodontal assessments.

    Kathleen Yake RDH,

  • Marielaina Perrone DDS

    Another option is to talk to your local family dentist. I know in the past we have done stuff for free for patients or locals who are out of work due to the economy. Have helped them get back on their feet so they feel more confident at interviews but also to allow them to be pain free! Feels good to give back every now and then when we can.