New Destination for Low Cost Dental Implants: India

Patients with missing teeth have an extremely hard time chewing food, speaking, and even smiling because they are embarrassed.

However, the cost of a dental implant in the US can reach even $4,200, so if you have 3 missing teeth that need replacement you would need to take out of pocket $12,000+ to pay for the treatment.

Dental insurance does not cover even a fraction of the cost of a dental implant… so dental tourism seems to be the next best option for many patients to receive low cost dental implants treatment.

If you are seeking low cost dental implants opportunities, you could check out the dental health market of India.

Here you will find plenty of high quality dental clinics where the dental staff speaks English, and many of these professionals have actually graduated at universities in the USA, UK and many other European countries.

For a start communication will not be a problem and this is a very important aspect that you need to keep in mind.

Low cost dental implants do not refer to the fact that you will get cheap/poor quality implants. It means that you will get the same high quality dental implants as you would at home, only at a fraction of the cost. If you decide to get your dental implants in one of India’s top dental clinics, you will pay fees even 40% or 50% lower than at home.

You also need to beware of false advertising. There are many dental clinics overseas which advertise they will perform very low cost dental implants, even at 20% of the cost you would normally pay in the US.

These types of ads need to be treated with utmost care, and never consider dental implants (even overseas) that cost way below 50% than what you would pay at home. The dental implants in certain countries such as India are cheaper, but not that cheap…

A few important considerations if you are thinking to go to India for affordable dental treatment:

1. Always choose a reputable dental clinic. The internet is your best resource and use it abundantly in verifying any piece of information such as the real location of the clinic, the accreditation of the dentist/oral surgeon, where was he educated and so on

2. Ask a quote before you sign anything. Experts should be able to offer you a price for the treatment that you will undergo abroad. This price should contain everything. Dental clinics advertising to offer low cost dental implants for only $99 should give you reason for concern. Most of the times this quote does not contain the fees of the dentist, the dental X-rays, the oral exam cost, the price for the anesthetics, antibiotics, grafting (if needed!), etc.

3. Low cost dental implants sound attractive, but keep in mind that you might need to take 2 trips to complete the treatment. First there is the phase where the dentist will fit the implants, and only after a healing period of several weeks/months can be the permanent crowns fitted upon the implant