Costa Rica Dental Tourism Rising in Popularity

They need to make everything possible to get those dental implants, teeth whitening or braces at reduced costs because they simply cannot afford to pay the expensive fees charged by dentists in the UK or US.

Especially if these people do not have dental insurance, they will choose dental tourism even for more basic dental treatments such as fillings or dental cleanings.

The biggest attraction regarding dental treatments in Costa Rica, is represented by the low prices. In Costa Rica, you will actually pay about a quarter less for dental implants than what you would pay in the US, Canada or the UK.

In Costa Rica you will pay between $600 and $900 for dental implants. For dental veneers you need to take out of pocket only about $300/tooth, compared to about even $800+ for a dental veneer in the US. Dental crowns cost between $250 and $400, root canal treatments between $125 and $250 while teeth whitening costs only about $200.

For a dental filling you need to take out of pocket only between $50 and $150, while a dental bridge will cost you from $250-$400 per tooth.

In the entire Latin America, Costa Rica is the country with one of the safest and best built health care systems. The dental materials the Costa Rica dentists work with, are all approved by US agencies and these materials are actually imported from the United States.

You will not encounter the language barrier in this country, because the greatest majority of dental professionals do speak impeccable English.

While going on such a vacation mainly to take care of your dental heath problems, you should also take advantage of the natural beauties and sightseeing tours in Costa Rica. This country has got amazing national parks, spas, wonderful beaches and great architecture.

Before choosing the dentist that you want to visit, make sure to run a thorough background check. There are many online forums which offer debates and opinions on this topic. You can get important information even from past patients of the respective dentist, you just need to research properly online.