Common Myths Pertaining to European Dental Tourism

For instance, in the US the patient is required to pay about $4,000 for a dental implant, while if he will travel to one Central European country to get the needed treatment, he will pay only a fraction of the price for the same quality treatments.

Dental tourism has almost become a necessity, but unfortunately there are plenty of myths circulating out there which make people reluctant about choosing this option.

Dental Tourism Myth No.1

Patients go through horror stories at dental practices in countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic. This is completely untrue. Dental tourism is booming in these countries, and you will find here cosmetic dentistry clinics that may even surpass the quality and technology used in the clinics located elsewhere.

Of course, you may find out about patients going through disastrous treatments because they chose dental tourism, but you will not hear of the other thousands of happy and fully satisfied patients. Dental patients go through disastrous dental experiences in the clinics at home too…not only abroad!

Dental Tourism Myth No.2

Once you go to a European country for dental tourism purposes you will not be able to communicate. False again. The serious and reputable dental clinics abroad shift an extremely important focus on hiring personnel that has fluent English language speaking skills.

This is so because they know that quite a big majority of the incoming patients will arrive from abroad. Many dentists working in countries such as Poland or Hungary for instance have finished their studies in countries such as the UK or the US.

You don’t have to worry about the aspect of communication at all. Even more so, serious dental tourism companies invite patients to actually have an initial online interview with the dentist who is going to treat them.

Dental Tourism Myth No.3

The treatments are cheaper because professionals are not well trained. If you choose dental tourism packages in countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic, this myth is busted in an instant.

These countries have got an extremely powerful educational system when it comes to the medical field in general, and dentistry in particular. Actually, the UK accepts dentists from these countries in order to start working all throughout the country by making proof of work experience only.

Dentists from other countries might need to give serious exams and/or complete some studies before they can practice. Therefore, dental tourism in Central European countries is extremely safe especially if you choose a reputable dental clinic.

Dental Tourism Myth No.4

Old dental equipment. In fact, you might be amazed at the modern technology, friendly faces and professionalism that oozes from a dental practice located in the heart of Prague or Budapest.

Dental tourism in these cities is in a continuous expansion, and this happens for a reason. Patients here feel safe, they have got plenty of beautiful attractions, they get the highest quality dental work…and they will need to pay only a fraction of the price they would pay at home!