Choosing the Right Dental Clinic Abroad: Important Questions

You should never go to a dental clinic before actually checking a little bit on their background and reputation.

You should contact the clinic and ask a few important questions, which will help you decide whether indeed this is a clinic that you can trust, and if this is a facility where you will receive top dental care. Read below to find out about these important questions you should ask.

Ask for dentist profiles

Contact the clinic, and ask them to send you some reference regarding the dentist/s who are going to provide you the treatment. You will be able to check out here their educational background, experience, special awards, places where they worked so far, and many other such details.

What exactly is included within the price?

Usually, the clinic will make you a stunningly good offer for the treatment you need. This is what will make you decide on the spot that you want you go, since the prices are so low.

Before signing anything, ask if all the required pre-treatment tests are included within the price (such as dental X-ray, oral examinations, special dental investigations, etc.)

Are the dentists insured? By whom?

You should always make sure that the dentist who will provide you the treatment is covered by a reputable insurer. Of course you are not going abroad to become the victim of malpractice, but you need to know what type of insurance does the dentist have if anything goes wrong with your treatment.

Is there any treatment guarantee that they provide?

Ask the clinic to send you a detailed sheet containing all the procedures included within the overall price.

You should see there that within the price are included all the checkups, aftercare, the fees charged by the dentist, any drugs you might need, dental lab costs and the anesthetics that you will need.

What about the quality of the dental implants?

If you are going for dental implants, ask what type of dental implants they use, and whether or not the devices are indeed approved by the FDA. Also, don’t forget to ask if the dental implant comes with a guarantee.