Where Do Americans Go For Cheap and Good Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad

Dental tourism is what we refer to the traveling of people from their local dental care systems, to abroad to get cosmetic dental treatments done, one of the biggest reasons for this being the cost effectiveness. For people who keep an eye on the cost of the treatment, long term re-check needs and the talk about how well dental treatment is practiced in the place where they are going to visit.

Why to travel for dentistry abroad

Reason for dental tourism and going for dentistry abroad is not just the financial issue, but also that some people from America, Canada and UK travel although they have the national dental plans, as they don’t wish to queue up in the list of patients who go with these dental plans and treatments with a timely schedule. And sometimes these dental treatments can be done along with a visit to any relative or closed ones, serving dual purpose for your visit.

The cosmetic and surgical dentistry are the big branches where a lot of money has to be cashed out if you are living in America and need any of the treatment to be done. The same costs lesser comparatively in eastern countries, where the way of treatment and outcome of it is nothing different.

Where to travel for cheap dentistry abroad

Americans prefer to go abroad but would still look for a place that’s not very far from their home location. So the best place to go would be Mexico or some South American countries like Costa Rica, Guatemala or Columbia. The cost of treatment is comparatively less than half the same in United States.

For example, if a root canal treatment is to be done, a dentist in US charges from $700 to $1300 but the same treatment in Mexico costs $300 to $400 on an average. Traveling to Mexico for the dental treatment is advantageous but is not the least cost that you would find around. Its good to just save some extra time, when compared to traveling to other continents.

But if you are worried just about the treatment cost, and need multiple treatments done at a single visit making the charges very less, traveling to a long distance like to Europe, where the quality of dentistry and development of dental tourism in Hungary is good with less costs.

Other places are Asian countries where the dental bills are lesser than that of the western countries. Places like Philippines, Thailand have costs lesser than both US and Mexico.

India has always been the leader in medical and dental tourism, but more for UK citizens than US ones. For comparison, a root canal treatment that costs $1000 in US costs just $100 in India. So for any bigger dental treatments of placing implants, veneers or crowns for multiple teeth, traveling won’t cost much when combining all the costs of dental treatments abroad.

Quality of dental tourism treatments is a matter of concern, where many people follow the rule that dental treatment that costs high, are done better. It isn’t always. For example treatment done and obtained in Costa Rica, and in US are the same, many of Costa Ricans dentists studied in US. Its the cost of living around which influences the cost of treatment.

  • Philippe

    Is there a way of evaluating the work of a particular dentist in India?

  • Steve Jackson

    I know the cost are cheaper and as good as the usa. but how safe are the countries like Mexico and Columbia ?
    We hear on the news about drug dealers and people dying for no reason . How safe would I be traveling abroad?

    If you had to choose Mexico or Columbia , or Costa Rica, or Dominican Republic how safe are these countries ? Thank You Steve Jackson.

    I want to know about he Dominican republis too as well as Costa Rica . What about quality care in Belize too or Elsavador or Hondorus?

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Implant-Cosmetic-Solutions/158360624268253 Jake

    Steve Jackson,

    Can’t speak for Mexico or any of the other countries you listed, besides Costa Rica.

    I would have to personally say that the work I had done in Costa Rica was above and beyond what I had expected. It was a bit daunting to actually follow thru but Costa Rican customs are very friendly and all you need is a passport to travel. You can stay for 90 days, which gives you plenty of time to actually get work done and explore the country a little.

    The clinic I went to had free transportation to and from my appointments, picked me up at the airport, and even provided room and board (+ 2 meals daily) for $30 a day. It was a very comfortable experience. But it does come with some research on finding an ideal doctor and clinic.

    Take care. Hope that helps.

  • empress

    Hi Jake! Where did you go in CR to have your work done? Please email me because I’m seriously thinking of going there this year.


  • http://www.facebook.com/dentalimplantscostarica/app_291237007636813 Jake

    Can’t email you but the clinic I went to was the one I set in the website field. Dr Coto is amazing and will take good care of you. Very close to the airport! Tell him Jake sent you!