Interested in affordable dental care abroad?

costa-rica-beach is now facilitating a limited number of dental care trips to Costa Rica.  Clients can expect to save between 30-60% off US prices and get comparable, and often higher-quality of care that they would receive back home.  We have a very limited number of spots every month and they fill up quickly so if interested please reserve your spot below by following these simple 3 steps:

1) Submit Background information and Dental Documents
Please fill out the below form with your details, including:

  • Background Information
  • x-rays
  • Close-up pictures from multiple angles of your teeth
  • Procedure(s) you are considering having done
  • Your availability
  • Your local dentist recommendations and price quotes (if you have gone to multiple dentists, please send all)
  • Any other relevant information, including past dental work

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2) Price Quote and Final Payment

With many oral issues, patients have a range of options to choose from in order to best fit their budget and objectives.  At this point, you will review and select the package that best fits your needs.

3) Book Your Flight

After receiving confirmation of your package and dates, you will need to book your flight.  We can help you with recommended airlines.

That’s it! You’re now all set for your life-changing trip! We will be in touch throughout the process with your hotel and local transportation details.  A driver will be waiting to take you to your hotel upon your arrival to the airport in San Jose.

Here is a sample price list of typical dental procedures with price comparisons between the US and Costa Rica, along with estimated fees.  Keep in mind that these are averages and your unique procedure will not necessarily be reflected here.

ProcedureUS PriceCosta Rica PriceSavings (%)Savings ($)Estimated FeesTotal
Laser whitening$600$25058%$350$35$385
Root Canal – Anterior$640$30053%$340$34$374
Night Guard$650$20069%$450$45$495
Root Canal – Bicuspid$780$30062%$480$48$528
Procelain Veneer$900$40056%$500$50$550
Root Canal – Molar$980$30069%$680$68$748
Root Canal$1200$30075%$900$90$990
Porcelein/ceramic crown$1200$35071%$850$85$935
Partial Denture, Acrylic Frame$1200$55054%$650$65$715
Partial Denture, Flexible Frame$1400$35075%$1050$105$1155
Full Denture, Immediate or Healing (upper or lower)$1500$55063%$950$95$1045
Complete Denture – Maxillary$1500$55063%$950$95$1045
Zirconia Crown$1600$55066%$1050$105$1155
Partial Denture, Metal Frame$1600$85047%$750$75$825
Standard Implant Crown (including abutment)$1700$65062%$1050$105$1155
Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth (upper or lower)$1800$55069%$1250$125$1375
Bone Graft (large)$2000$75063%$1250$125$1375
Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only)$2200$55075%$1650$165$1815
Root Canal Treatment$2200$84062%$1360$136$1496
IV Sedation$2500$50080%$2000$200$2200
Implant with crown$3500$150057%$2000$200$2200
Titanium Dental Implant (including abutment and standard crown)$3900$120069%$2700$270$2970
Sinus Lift$4000$250038%$1500$150$1650
6 Porcelain Veneers (a.k.a. Porcelain Shells)
1 Dental Whitening (a.k.a. Dental Bleaching)
1 Dental Cleaning
7 days of lodging at your choice of one of two 5 star hotels located within walking distance to our office, no need for taxis or any transportation to your appointment, also breakfast is included, and free internet at your hotel room.
Transportation from and to the Airport
Implant supported overdenture w/ 4 implants$12000$450063%$7500$750$8250
Implant supported overdenture w/ 6 implants$17000$600065%$11000$1100$12100
Implant supported overdenture w/ 8 implants$23000$725068%$15750$1575$17325


Frequently Asked Questions


How do the dentists compare to US dentists?

We have carefully vetted each and every dentist.  We have pre-screened all the dentists we work with, carefully selecting only the very best dentists with years of experiences, professional memberships, and stellar patient reviews.  All of our dentists have proven track records with American patients.  These dentists often have clinics that not only rival the average American dental office but are often much more advanced in terms of equipment and techniques.  Many of our dentists have trained alongside their American counterparts here in the US and often are members of the American Dental Association.

According to the National Coalition on Health Care, more than 500,000 Americans traveled abroad to receive medical and dental work in 2006. And this is not an isolated trend.  Dental procedures are a common choice because only about 50 percent of Americans have insurance for such care. And those people who are insured still face stiff dental bills. Insurance plans, typically offered through employers, require patients to pay the majority of the costs of procedures beyond standard preventive care.


What if something goes wrong?

All of our dentists have guaranties and warranties on all dental work done in their clinics.  We work closely with our dentists to ensure that patients are completely satisified and communicate with patients regularly.


Do I need to speak Spanish?

Absolutely not! All of our dentists speak English and in general Costa Rica is a very tourist-friendly destination where the large number of taxi drivers, hotel managers, and restuarant staff speak English.


What forms of payment can I use to pay for my dental work?

All of our dental offices accept cash or bank transfers and often offer a discount if cash is the main form of payment.  The majority of our dental offices also accept debit and credit cards.  None require payment prior to your arrival.


I have dental insurance, can I use it in Costa Rica?

Many US insurance companies now reimburse patients for dental work done abroad.  We always recommend patients check with their insurance companies before their trip in order to see what may be covered and what the insurance company will need.  Generally, patients pay for the work up front and then get reimbursed from the insurance company upon return.


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