Toothpaste with Liquid Calcium

There is a new toothpaste on the market that promises to rebuild the enamel of the teeth end thereby end the agony of sensitive teeth.

This is great news for all of the people who feel the pain whenever they eat cold or hot foods because they will now be able to purchase a dental product that will mask the pain.

However, the new toothpaste is supposedly the first of its kind on the market that will actually treat the causes of teeth that are sensitive.

Arm & Hammer’s Enamel Care Sensitive supposedly contains the primary component of tooth enamel; liquid calcium. Calcium is supposed to plug the microscope gaps in the enamel and will therefore rebuild the tooth. The toothpaste will prevent the dental nerves from becoming exposed end prevent pain.

Arm & Hammer are hoping that the toothpaste will attract some of the £60,000,000 that is spent annually on treatments by people for whom the simple pleasures like eating ice cream or drinking a cup of tea has become unbearable.

There are some dentists who have tested the toothpaste and consider it unique. The patients who have teeth that are sensitive that have used the toothpaste for only two weeks have experienced a dramatic improvement.

The reason the toothpaste works so well is the liquid calcium. This is present naturally in teeth and coats the teeth with this natural substance that is much the same as enamel.

Rather than masking the pain caused by sensitive teeth as the current toothpastes do, this toothpaste addresses the problem directly. This toothpaste has been in the making for five years will eventually be for sale in the United States but will be available in Britain much sooner.

As the population age’s dental sensitivity becomes an increasing problem because of enamel erosion that is caused by acidic drink and food or because of gum recession.

These days, people are living much longer and many more people are living well into their 80s and still have their teeth. However, many of these people suffer from tooth sensitivity. This toothpaste with the natural liquid calcium can provide some relief that is much needed.

This calcium based toothpaste has eight times the amount of calcium that is contained in the saliva and it encourages the enamel to recover by coating the teeth.

However, the toothpaste is being greeted by many in the scientific community cautiously because full scientific studies are required to determine if it is as effective as claimed.

Many people have a significant problem with teeth that are sensitive. This new toothpaste will supposedly use this new technology to treat this problem.

It will be interesting to determine if the results of the scientific studies will demonstrate that the benefits that are claimed by this toothpaste are supported in the long term. The toothpaste is also supposed to significantly help with the problem of bad breath.

The toothpaste supposedly works the same on both women and men who suffer equally from this problem. As many as 42% of people claim that they have colleagues or friends with bad breath and it appears that it is still very much a common problem.

Bad breath is usually due to poor oral hygiene. People need to visit their dentist regularly, reduce the frequency of their intake of drinks and foods that have sugar in them, and brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day.

  • Peter Swain

    According to my copy of the 30th edition of Collins’ English Dictionary, the melting point of calcium is 842 degrees Celsius.

    It is, therefore, impossible for calcium to be ‘liquid’ at ordinary atmospheric temperatures, and your advertisements describing ‘liquid calcium’ are in serious breach of the Trade Descriptions Act.

    I hope you will end this serious misrepresentation.

  • cowscrubber

    @Peter Swain. Have you no knowledge of how chemical reactions work? It’s obviously not calcium alone, but a compound that includes calcium.

    I hope you will end this serious show of your ignorance.

  • Donatello

    @Peter Swain. You are like my smart but skeptic classmate. Liquid Calcium is not a Calcium metal in liquid phase. It is composed of many calcium compounds.

    @cowscrubber. Thumbs Up!