Women Go To Jail for Big Time Dental Scam

The two women, a dental assistant and a receptionist at a Main Line dental practice will spend jail time because they have been performing dental procedures after-hours.

Besides having to spend 2 to 23 months in the local county jail, they will also have to perform as many as 200 hours of community service, plus get four years of probation.

The former dental assistant and the receptionist were found guilty because they have come up with the ingenious idea of setting up a fake dental practice and treat patients there.

Between 2010 and 2012 the two, even though not qualified at all to provide dental treatments were serving patients at the Smilz4 Life dental practice located in the 700 office block on Old Lancaster Road (Bryn Mawr section, Lower Merion).

The women were not qualified at all to offer the type of professional dental care they were offering. The judge even asked the women how they could possibly think of offering dental treatments to patients without thinking about the potential health risks involved. What would they do if an emergency happened? They would not even be able to save that patient’s life.

Both women pleaded guilty for all accounts of accusation, and they must present themselves to the county Jail on January 6 2014 to begin their sentence. Some of the main dental treatments the two women were performing after hours in the fake clinic included dental X-rays, root canal treatments, tooth extractions, dental anesthesia administration, and even fitting dental braces and crowns.

The funniest is perhaps how the performed dental X-rays have been filed in the name of Scottie- the pet dog of one of the women. The authorities have further determined that the two women who called themselves dental professionals never actually checked patient history to see if there is any underlying health condition which would not allow performing some of the dental procedures.

There are patients with drug allergies out there who cannot be given certain anesthetics, so the women were just purely lucky there were no such life threatening emergencies happening in their phony dental practice.

Laing, one of the women involved has been working as a licensed dental assistant at the Smilz 4 Life office, but she was not qualified to perform any dental treatments only her duties as an assistant. The other woman, Gullickson has been working as a receptionist at the same dental office, and she was basically Laing’s assistant during the regular work hours.

According to results from the investigation, Laing was the one who has been advertising in the area that she and her colleague were performing almost any type of dental treatment at the most convenient prices. Now both women have to pay restitutions of over $5,000 to the victims- or patients they have been treating in the fake dental practice.