Some Teeth Whitening Kits Withdrawn from the Market

The association decided to take these measures, mainly after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has set new standards regarding the carbamide and peroxide concentrations that can be contained by these home teeth whitening products.

According to Troy Williams, who is chief executive officer with ADIA, such information is extremely important to both suppliers and consumers. There have already been withdrawn several such home tooth whitening kits from the market, exactly because these kits are considered unsafe for the health of the consumer.

More exactly, the ACCC states that teeth whitening kits containing hydrogen peroxide in a concentration higher than 6% or carbamide peroxide concentrations higher than 18% cannot be commercialized anymore.

It is also extremely important that consumers become aware of these new regulations, and pay great attention when buying teeth whitening kits. These concentrations can be checked right on the label of the product.

Up until now, it was quite common to find on the shelves of the supermarkets or drug stores teeth whitening kits containing much higher concentrations of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

The ACCC states that such high concentrations of these chemical compounds, do not respect the Poisons Standard 2011.

On the other hand, the ADIA notes that dentists can still use teeth whitening products containing higher concentrations of these chemicals, in order to provide teeth whitening treatments for patients.

At the dental practice, such treatments can be performed safely, because a registered oral health professional knows exactly what amounts of the product can be applied, or which is the exact time length required for the product to work efficiently, without deteriorating the tooth enamel for example.