No More Painful Drillings for Kids

Tests are undergoing for a pain free method to take care of teeth that are rotten. This new technique also does not require anesthetics, and many experts say that it might be actually a much more effective technique than the traditional filling.

Until now, there have been pilot studies made, and this cost the NHS about 3 million dollars. Experts want to see if sealing the tooth rather than drilling and filling it might be a good method.

According to some of the reports, this technique is mostly efficient in the case of milk teeth, rather than adult teeth. The typical procedure for treating a rotten and decayed tooth involves the following:

  • injection with local anesthetic to numb the area
  • removing the rotten part of the tooth with the help of the drill
  • use of the filling material to fill in the tooth

This new technique of sealing rather than drilling is called the Hall technique. Instead of drilling, the dentist will use a special metal crown in order to cover up the rotten part. Then, this crown is cemented, and there is no anesthetic needed whatsoever because the procedure is not painful.

This metal crown will basically “suffocate” all the bacteria that reside in there, and leave them without oxygen. Thus, the decay will start slowing down until it will eventually stop growing. This crown will stay in place, up until the age of 10 or so, when the tooth will fall out naturally.

This technique is considered an extremely child friendly one, and will definitely help reducing dental phobia in children.

One of the biggest fears of children in the dental office is represented by the injection, and by the drilling tool itself.

The Hall technique utilizes neither of these, so the child can sit comfortably and worry free in the chair, while the pain free procedure is performed. Experts believe that this technique will become one of the most efficient in managing tooth decay in young children.