Obama Talks About Health Care and Dental Coverage

One third of Americans is without dental insurance. The lack of affordable dental insurance for poor people is revealed as serious risks for dental and overall health.

Many elderly who lose dental insurance when they retire and uninsured children have no possibility to afford dental treatment.

Residents of Las Vegas asked questions about healthcare reform and dental care to President Obama at Nevada town hall meeting Friday.

One woman asked whether the overhaul would benefit volunteer health clinics that have popped up across Nevada to provide free care for residents who don’t have insurance.

While many Americans are concerned about their health care coverage, some people think about their dental coverage.

“I’m reasonably familiar with the current and proposed legislature as it applies to dentistry and oral health. And my question is, what’s your vision for how dentistry will fit into your larger framework for health care reform?” asked dentist about how it would impact dental coverage.

President Obama answered that this problem is serious, he added that dental hygiene is actually very important for keeping your heart healthy. It’s known heart disease can be triggered when you’ve got gum disease.

“So everybody floss. That’s my first — am I right? You got to floss”, added Obama.

President noted he hope they can include dental care in the various proposals that they’re putting forward, because dental and vision care are very important.

“So I would like to see dental care covered. I will tell you that some folks are going to say we can’t afford it. At minimum, I’d like to see that our children have the care that they need. If we can keep our children’s teeth healthy, then usually that means they’ve got healthy teeth as adults. At least it prevents them from skipping school and being distracted”, explained Obama.

  • http://www.orgsites.com/ny/nyscof nyscof

    Obama could easily fund dental care by stopping the millions of dollars each big city wastes on fluoridation every year. Fluoridation was started in the 1940’s to stop tooth decay. It has failed miserably. Modern science shows that ingesting fluoride does OT reduce tooth decay. So why does it continue?

    Also the fluoride chemicals that are added to water supplies are not pharmaceutical grade fluoride but lead-and arsenic-laced waste products of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing (silicofluorides). Now that US prices are going up, many cities purchase their fluoridation chemicals from China, Japan and Mexico.

    Use the money saved from fluoridation to actually fill the cavities of poor children. gov’t estimates are that 6.5 million poor children are living with UNtreated tooth decay.

    Two little boys died in recent years from the consequences of untreated tooth decay and our emergency rooms are flooded with people seeking dental care that they can’t afford to pay a dentist for.

    take action to end fluoridation her

    Also tell Pres and Mrs Obama that fluoridated water is not a healthy way to water your organic garden

    DC is fluoridated Yet children’s tooth decay is the highest in the nation.

  • Heather

    I currently or did untill a few weeks ago work in a medical assistance dental clinic in Northern Mn. My question is that how can the people that are on a state ins program be granted less than “standard of care” for their dental needs?

    We see various types of people and some being the mentally retarded patients. They need to sedated in the hospital setting to have their teeth even cleaned. Now with all the cuts that have been made since begining of the year, how are they to have proper care? Are we just supposed to forget about the people that cant help themselves. Or even the people who are on a state program temporarily to get back on their feet? I do not agree with Universal Healthcare, but I do believe people can pay something for insurance coverage. I had gone years without any coverage and still paying for it now. Recently I had ins and a full time job being a Certified and Liscensed Dental Assistant, Now I lost all my benefits (PTO,IRA,Ins) and went from working 5 days to 1 1/2 days a week.
    DO NOT please pull Dental Coverage people need it to stay healthy. Your mouth is your start to your whole body

  • Morgan

    Part of the problem is that key work by Dr Edward Mellanby (discoverer of Vitamin D) published in the British Medical Journal back in 1932 and built on by Weston Price has been lost over the years. The fact being that vitamins *in combination* could make cavities resistant teeth and in some instances even heal them (“The Effect of Diet on the Development and extension of caries in the the teeth of children” MAY MELLANBY, C. LEE PATTISON AND C. W. PROUD BMJ Aug 1924 pg 254)

  • http://guitarlessonsgeek.com/dontfollow guitar lessons guy

    If a problem is not right in front of peoples faces, it goes straight on the backburner. My dad has had problems with his teeth and it has ruined a part of his life. It is serious. I had never even heard about the fluoridation of water in the states. I can’t believe it still happens now! You would have thought that the people who’s job it is to organize the workings of the whole thing would have something to say about it… Hmmm.

  • radiantlight

    Floss? My God in heaven… I never would have thought of that… Yeah, that was sarcasm – just as I intended. I’ve brushed and flossed everyday of my life since I was big enough to see the mirror over the sink. It wasn’t enough – simple as that. You see, my obstetrician NEVER told me that I needed calcium supplements when I was pregnant, and for the past ten years I’ve suffered from his ‘wisdom’. To date, I’ve six teeth that need extraction, and believe me when I say dental pain is more excruciating than childbirth. Childbirth pain ends, and you know you are working toward the goal of bringing a new life into this world. On the other hand, dental pain must be a maliscious gift from Satan himself. No matter what you do, you life revolves around whether or not you get short-term relief, or if you can stand the pain without losing your mind. Ive been through making queries, applying for a loan from places like Care Credit, and trying to obtain state services. I’ve been ignored, turned down, and told I make $30 to $40 too much to qualify. I’ve used Orajel, antibiotics, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, heat packs, salt-water rinses, and still have been reduced to nothing more than a weeping harridan begging God for release.

    I’m a high school graduate with two years of college under my belt. I care for my disabled husband, my blind brother, and my two children. I even home-school them. I work hard every day, keep a roof over our heads, pay the bills, and put food on the table. I’m not a criminal, not lazy, honest and believe in hard work. Yet, despite all this I’m not good enough because I do not fit into a certain financial category.

    Me and my fellow sufferers need more than words, fluoride in our drinking water, or told to floss. We need action and support. We need our leaders, and those lucky enough to be in control to act for us and allow us to obtain relief so we can get on with our lives and stop suffering and dying for the almighty dollar.

    Yes, I used to be a very, very nice person who always made sure not to hurt another’s feelings. I was forced to change by a system that doesn’t see me as a human that was supposed to have inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Matt

    One of the main aspects is like health care, dental care is incredibly expensive. Through no fault of my own I was raised in a very abusive and neglectful household, I was never shown how to brush my teeth, I only ever saw a dentist if I had a toothache, I was bottlefed coke a cola. Needless to say 40 years later, even with brushing twice to three to four times perday, and flossing, my latest dental estimate was around $11K dollars. That is the average through three dentist offices. Now my insurance has a $2k per year cap, so last year I had about $3k worth of work done…..and that only paid for 18 x rays, and a 1700 dollar teeth cleaning, no other major work was done. And each dentist would not tell me exactly what they were going to do, just showed me a list of all these procudures, written in latin I think, and how much each procedure cost. So I didn’t know if they were trying to help me save money, or trying to squeeze every dime out of me they could. Dental insurance needs to be on par with health insurance. Dentist should not be allowed to refuse to treat you if you don’t have thousands of dollars up front to pay for the treatments.

  • AMD

    The price of living amd healthcare have gone up tremendously. Dental ins. comp. should realize that, and the importance of having healthy bone and gums. Calendar year maximums should be raised due to the expensive costs of dental treatments. Ins. companies should not have high deductibles so that you can have a reasonable premium. I believe that we as americans who work very hard should have access to reasonable health, dental and vision care. No one should be without care no matter what the situation is.

  • boat moter

    seems all dentist think they are brain surgeons and think they should be charging the same money,I have extream periodontal disease and have lost 70% of my upper jawbone to the bacteria eating it,every street I went down to get it fixed was a dead end street,I have 9 teeth that have fell out on their own,and my breath stinks like a sewage dump from the bacteria poop..not everybody can be financially successful in order to afford dental care,I think that the USA needs to start importing skilled dentist from foreign countries to practice here on a fixed wage so all can afford the needed service’s,you can go to Mexico to have your dental done there at around 8% of the cost here,and in state of the art offices with dentist that went to school here,but with the drug cartel going on there it would be pretty risky, but we all know something has to be done,the right to live and survive should not be just for the successful or wealthy only..