The New Needle Free Dental Device

Anesthesia is needed for a wide array of dental treatments such as cavity fillings or extractions. These people prefer to live on with complications until they end up in the emergency room, just for the sake of avoiding the painful sting.

Luckily, now a new device has been brought to the market, which is needle free. It is called Injex and it is the new tool which delivers anesthetic to your gums without any needles.

It does it through delivering the anesthetic to your gums through high pressure.

According to Dr. Adam Jaskell who explains how the Injex works, the pressure is so powerful that the anesthetic can go through tissue.

Thus, no more shots are needed and the patient can sit comfortably because there will be no pain felt.

This new device is not being used nationwide yet, but quite a few dentists have started using it. Patients struggling with dental phobia can erase one more reason from their phobia list thanks to Injex.

One of the downsides is that regular dental insurance does not cover this type of shot.

Dentists who use the device to deliver the anesthetic to the gums of the patient typically charge an extra fee for this treatment.

For patents with big phobias, it is definitely worth the extra money just to not feel that painful and discomforting sensation of a needle stick.

The dentist further explains that the device can be used for many types of injections in the dental office.

However, it cannot be used for treatments treating TMJ problems, because the bone here is extremely dense and the anesthetic cannot go through with pressure only.

Lately, more and more medical companies come up with such non-painful dental tools, in a try to help patients with severe anxiety and phobia have a much better experience at the dentist.

For very complex dental interventions however, it seems that the regular needle remains the main tool…