How Dental Care Will Be Changed by Healthcare Reform

Health reform will offer major changes in the arena of dental care; the bill that has been offered by the United States Congress for healthcare reform will have a lasting effect on the field of dentistry and the type of dental care that people receive.

There promises to be a huge expansion of coverage for individuals in need of dental care once health reform is initiated. The healthcare reform bill looks very promising for people who have long awaited adequate coverage for their dental needs.

Children will get greater dental care because the health reform options are seeking to cover all children in the United States today. Funding will possibly be offered for professionals within the industry seeking to further their education in the field of dentistry too; this means more qualified dentists to treat more individuals who receive coverage via the healthcare reform bill.

Dental education funding will span the gamut of offering funding to special programs to help educate the public about adequate oral hygiene practices too. There will possibly be more funding offered for research in dentistry and the passage of the bill will forever change the field of dentistry.

When the bill is passed more and more children will be walking through the doors of their local dentist offices. These covered visits will ensure adequate oral care, preventative measures early on, and less need for emergency dental treatments.

The health reform bill is still being considered by the Senate now that it has made its way through the House of Representatives. Very little has been altered in terms of the original suggestions offered in the bill pertaining to dentistry, and when passed many people will be getting dental coverage that they could not possibly afford before.

There are some organizations that are working toward getting the health reform bill perfected before its passage. They are seeking to get special protections for consumers who will ultimately receive coverage from the bill.

Still other organizations like the American Dental Association are opposing the bill outright since it lacks wording that will deal with insurance fee capping issues, that fails to address necessary limits on spending accounts that are flexible, and that ignores the need to expand benefits offered under Medicaid which could potentially expand the treatment that many adults receive.

So far, the bill, as it is, has been passed by the Senate in late December of 2009. The bill in terms of health reform demands that all people in the United States have health insurance or that they run the risk of having to pay a penalty, applies a minimum to insurance plans that are new and it further puts a stop to insurance company’s denying people that have conditions that are pre-existing. The healthcare reform bill also offers special funds for those people that cannot possibly afford to get insurance.

Obama signs healthcare reform. DentistryThe more than 150 page health care bill will definitely change dentistry forever. Any business that has over 50 people employed could be fined as much as $2,000 for every person that is without insurance.

This bill promises to ban lifetime limitations on payouts by insurance carriers and puts and end to insurance companies canceling insurance on people that become ill by the year 2014; the reconciled bill changes this date to as little as six months after its passage.

Limits are being placed on co-payment fees and while this type of limitation has not been applied in the field of dentistry, the consumer protections for dentistry have yet to be defined.

Ultimately, the health care reform bill will change the way dentists operate and who gets treatment: there is promising parts of the bill and parts of the bill that still need to be worked out.

  • Patrick

    I have a pre-existing condition that will cost me about 70,000-80,000 to do a complete mouth restoration. I have scheduled bone grafting within the next month to start the process and have been looking over information in regards to the current bill to see if it contains any information on dental implants(etc.) that would help subsidize the cost of my procedure. I have been unable to find any information in regards to this and would greatly appreciate any information that could help me in deciding if i should possibly wait for the procedure? I currently am a college student and the procedures I need to have done will cause signifiant impact on my finical future; however, it is very necessary for me to have this done? I would wait and continue to do temporary procedures that and wait if the bill in some way help subsidize the cost of these procedures? Please help if you have any information in regards to this section of the health care reform bill!

  • R.S. Mayberry DDS

    If anyone believes this baloney they will surely be greatly dissappointed. There is no author or sources of this information listed`. It is without any factual basis at all and completely speculation.

  • Dental Health Magazine

    Some quotes:

    “The expansion of availability of dental coverage is going to be huge.” — Meg Booth, Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP).

    “I think the die is cast, I think we’re going to have to return to try to fix this.” — William Prentice, director of the ADA’s Washington, DC, office.

    “The bill would transform the world of dental insurance, according to Delta Dental Government Relations Manager Chad Olson: “It’s a game changer.”

    Read also the original AMENDMENT:
    News about health care reform:

    Time will show

  • Cosmetic dentist – Atlanta GA

    I accept with R.S.Mayberry DDS

  • Knickerbocker

    Can you say public relations piece?

  • The Visible Dentist

    This article stinks; if you think any American is going to stand for Government mandated health insurance, you’re nuts. While America is politically in the hands of communists, you can be sure we the people have other plans contrary to what the criminal banksters invision.

    John Barremore
    Houston, TX

  • Sara Alexander

    Im often preplexed as to why my blue cross insurance covers our head to our toes, from our heart to our nose, and every part of our body BUT.. our teeth!
    I imagine that 50 years from now this will be considered to have been quite barbaric when it becomes common knowledge that much of our health is related to our teeth, gums and mouth..I only hope we wise up much sooner than that and the politicians stop preaching empathy for the insuance industry and care more about the right to life and good health of our American citizens.

  • LilKittyBubu

    Hey if your against the poor ***(DELETED)

    Every country is ruined by goverments, and they all abide by some kind of insurance.

    Any insurance you are on is ruined by goverments ,and by politicians.

    I’ve never seen a poor dentist have you?

    They thumbed their rotten nose at the poor people that can’t pay $1000 on dental why these dentist and there families can go off on vacations and by there wives nice furr coats ,and mercede benz.

    Anything good that Obama does your against him, and you all watch the media , and how you hate his skin color.We are all of the HUMAN race black , white ,or rainbow .

    The children have enough support in free dental while adults suffer without coverage at least til we are 26 or 30 then it would be ok to drop us.

    Anyone who speaks against the week wouldn’t last a day in the streets , and just think the people who are poor without dentist are no different then the people who suffer in Africa and you would die ,or be stoned to death for being a stupid pussy. You would panic , and get your ass shot for not being street smart!

  • Vburns

    What keeps me up nights and leaves me un-nerved during the day is the bs health care system we have in this country. It works for the wealthy or the minority but leaves the majority of us without ins. Pushed to the side or ignored. It is a greedy system riddled with ignorance and lacking compassion in the sligtest meaning of the word. I do not have health insurance and when i fall ill and go to the hospital i am not taken seriously regardless of my condition. I have seen the same neglect happen to others without ins. As well. Its disgusting…Last year i had a kidney infection. When i arrived at emergency at the hospital i had a 105.2 degree fever. I was hanging on to life by the last thread of hope and strength i had. I truly was preparing myself for death. It was beyond words and comprehension how terrifying it was. Givin my serious state one would surely think i would be admitted immediately…Not in the USA without heath insurance! I became 0 priority. A nothing. my fiance and i sat there for 3…hours.

  • Vburns

    And to make matters worse as i sat there and shook uncontrolably and cried countless others with health ins. Were admitted before me for minor things like simple colds. They were sitting there in ok shape…I was dying. When i finally was ‘seen’ i was placed on a bed in the hallway of the hospital and was told there was no rooms available. Meanwhile people that were in the waiting room an hour earlier that had health ins. Were givin rooms while i lay there dying in the hallway. When i was finally seen by a doctor he explained that my kidney infection was the worst he had ever seen and that most people dont survive with a fever above 103. He said i was lucky…Its unbelievable! The moral of my story? Bring on the healthreform bill President Obama and stop the health care crooks and careless! And i would also like to say thanks to the creators of this site that offer help to ALL. We live in a sad sad selfish, money hungry world. Its good to know there is care available without bias and financial prejudice.

  • Oklahoma City Dentistry

    Then if it will help more people, why not. Let’s just wait and see…but still hoping for the better.

  • Hilary

    Hey I have your answer.The reason that physicians and dentists are rich and you are poor is that when they were in the high school and college not sleeping and studying hard your momy and dady were using their welfare money for drugs ,weed,tatoos and alchohol and not caring about you.

  • JP

    In 2014, USA dentistry will perform far fewer services. 22 million children may be covered under medical insurance but far more adults will loose their dental insurance. It is estimated that 120 million adults will loose stand alone dental coverage in 2014. Many dental offices will either restructure or close. Dentisty and Vision will be the collateral damage of the healthcare law. Due to “American exceptionalism” we have considered foreign dental credentials as being inadequate. Consequentley, foreign jurisdictions will not accept a USA degree for dentistry. The dentists in the USA will be without work and have no options to go abroad. So much for “American Exceptionalism”. I call it arrogance, and short sightedness.

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