General Warning: Deadly X-ray Machines at the Dentist

This warning has been issued yesterday in UK, and experts say that these cheap, imported from China dental X-ray machines expose the patients to high levels of radiation which could be potentially very dangerous.

By using these imported machines, the patients are exposed to radiation, which is 10 times higher than the accepted levels. Patients getting diagnosed with this type of machine are facing an increased risk for major organs damage and even the risk of developing cancer.

The main problem with the cheap scanner is that it actually irradiates the entire head instead of focusing only on the teeth area like the safe X-ray machines. As to this moment, as many ads 13 such dangerous dental scanners have been seized by the officials.

The officials have run certain safety tests on these machines, and found them they could be possible lethal for the patient. The dangerous scanners have been seized in a distribution centre located at Portsmouth. Dentists actually bought these scanners online, on sites such as eBay.

A safe and professional X-ray dental scanner costs about £4,000 to £4,500. The dodgy scanners that have been found very dangerous for the human health cost only about £200 and they are called Tianjie Dental Falcon scanners.

The warning has been issued by the HPA – The Health Protection Agency in the UK. The Dental X-ray Protection Service of the HPA says these machines come from China, and they do not display anywhere the CE mark.

The X-ray tube of the machine does not come equipped with proper shielding against the harmful X-rays, and the machine is not even built respecting the rigorous electrical and safety standards.

Until now, there is not clear data regarding how many dentists exactly purchased this dangerous scanner, or how many patients have undergone diagnostics using it. General investigators and officials are extremely concerned about dentists not only in the UK, but dental professionals in the US, Australia and anywhere else, who may have bought these deadly machines and use them in their dental office.