Free Dental Work For Those With No Dental Insurance

Hope for those with no medical dental insurance

On Thursday November 26, The Dr. Oz Show joined The National Association of Free Clinics in Houston, Texas. In one day, over 1,700 Americans were provided with medical care.

The National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC) was founded in 2001 to provide medical, dental, pharmacy, and behavioral health care to those with no insurance. Funded by donations, companies, and organizations and staffed with professional volunteers, allows NAFC to provide this service regardless of the ability to pay.


Two local dentists offer their services to those in need

On Nov. 20, the Friday before Thanksgiving week, dentists Dr. Larry Folden and Dr. Bradley Westbrook of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Jacksonville, along with their entire staff of four dental hygienists, three dental assistants and two office personnel, provided “first come, first served” dental care to approximately 40 patients in a short, eight-hour period during their annual Free Dentistry Day, an event held since 1994.