Free Dental Services for Uninsured Adults

Free X-rays Offered at NWF State College

Dental assisting students at Northwest Florida State College have stayed busy this summer giving locals free dental x-rays. The free dental service is part of the program’s curriculum, giving students real-life experience, while saving patients money.

The college’s Dental Assisting Program runs like a doctor’s office.


HOPE Clinic now offers low-cost dental services

After much anticipation, HOPE Clinic is offering free dental services. Free dental clinic also offers low-cost medical care for uninsured, low-income residents of Johnson County.

“I think the dental component of the clinic will have a life of its own,” said Dr. Tony Torres, the clinic’s founder and president. The clinic has already held three dental sessions, seeing more than 30 patients.


Dental center opens doors to low-income, special needs patients

COVINA – Dr. John Khalaf grinned as he walked through the empty waiting rooms, the empty surgery rooms and even the empty staff break room of his newly completed dental surgery center.

The aim of the center is to provide free sedation and free dental services to low-income children ages 1 to 12, along with special-needs people 25 or younger. Without the anesthesia, these patients would not cooperate with dentists and wouldn’t get the treatment they need.

Khalaf said low-income and disabled patients whose families are on Medicare plans are forced to wait months to get dental surgery, or they must do it without general anesthesia because so few clinics offer such free dental services.


New Flour Bluff Clinic Offering Free Dental Care on Fridays

Timon ‘s Ministries is now offering free dental care to those who can’t afford it. It’s opened the William Allen Dental Clinic. Sabrina Hall reports.

If you consider yourself low-income and would like to receive free dental care, you can now come by Timon’s Ministries at 10501 SPID on Fridays. A dentist will be volunteering his or her time each Friday starting at 8:30 in the morning. Come early because it is first come, first serve.


MusiCares Free Dental Clinic (Chicago Federation of Musicians offices)

MusiCares Free Dental Clinic in Chicago

On Thursday, July 9th, 2009, MusiCares will be sponsoring FREE Dental Services to low-income Chicago-area musicians and other music professionals. Services will consist of a dental exam, basic teeth cleaning and polishing, and two bite-wing x-rays, and will be provided by Mobile Dentists.



    Hello, my name is Laura Colern. I’m 44 yrs. old.And I’m very concerned about my teeth. Or least whats left. I know im responsible for my own. But the one thing that i lack like myself as well as others is dental insurance.I haven’t had that for years.Ive had medical my whole life.They don’t always cover what my needs are.I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be denied a temporary cap for my front teeth.No teeth no job!Come on , who in their right mind hires a toothless wonder.I know it sounds like im desparate.Well maybe iam.And as I get older Im quite concerned of my over all health.When i was 9yrs I fell on a floor furnace.And cracked my 2 adult teeth at an angle.I ended up with 2 silver crowns!Its been harsh.Medical Insurance,through my prior employer,well thats been more 15yrs ago.In time when one goes usually they all eventualy out of agliment.Im very worried that it could affect my health.Those 2 front teeth there isnt anything to attach a crown to.So as you can tell,i have every reason for concern. Is there anyone out there in the dental field that has a need for a student? If i could get anyone,anywhere,anyway,i would be with bells on. if icould get all done in one day i would agree to it.Im not affraid of dental work im affraid of what would happen to me if i don’t.A closed mouth don’t get fed.So it doesn’t hurt to ask.SINCERLY MRS.LAURA COLERN