Finding Affordable Dental Braces for Needy Children

Recently, Smiles Change Lives revealed that the organization will be offering a unique orthodontic program to provide braces in all the states in the United States.

Children from low income families, ages eleven to eighteen, who do not already have an orthodontic appliance and who have malocclusions that range from moderate to severe may be eligible for these affordable braces.

Affordable braces can be used to correct issues with chewing or biting, to remedy issues formed from the early or late loss of one’s baby teeth, to eradicate mouth breathing, and to remedy issues caused by chronic thumb sucking.

Affordable braces can also be used to remedy jaws that pop, make sounds, or shift, to remedy overcrowding and blocked out teeth, to eliminate cheek biting or injuries to the roof of one’s mouth, and to repair teeth that do not meet or that meet abnormally.

Smiles Change Lives is a nonprofit organization which offers access to care orthodontic programs to a variety of orthodontists across the nation. In turn, the orthodontists that work with Smiles Change Lives can supply pro bono services to underprivileged children.

Families that have an income that is at 200 percent or below the federally defined poverty level are eligible for services. Smiles Change Lives was established in the late 1990s and since its start has helped over 1200 children from low income families.

Since the services offered by Smiles Change Lives is fairly new, the organization is actively seeking out orthodontists to work with and professionals across the United States, particularly professionals working with families that have a low income.

At this point, with the state of the economy, Smiles Change Lives is anticipating a greater need for pro bono and affordable braces. The fees for such services are $250 or $500 depending upon the amount of income a family has coming in at the time of the application.

Since braces can be a considerably costly endeavor, many children go without having a chance to make their smiles perfect. What’s more, many children suffer long term dental issues because of tooth crowding and misalignment.

An inability to afford braces when children are young can lead to long term dental complications well into adulthood. Dental issues affect the child adversely and can hinder their ability to socialize and communicate too.

Smiles Change Lives is working to make changes that will make it possible for all children to get the orthodontic care they need; working closely with caring orthodontists the organization is offering amazingly affordable braces to children in need.

Youth groups, schools, community organizations, qualified orthodontists, and dentists in the general dentistry industry who encounter low income families with children in need of affordable braces can refer the patient to Smiles Change Lives.

An application can be requested on the Smiles Change Lives website or by calling the toll free telephone number: 816-421-4949. There is a $25.00 application processing fee and the entire application needs to be completed in as much detail as possible.

Once the application is received, it can take as long as a year for the application screening process and approval to be completed. Approvals are decided by the Community Advisory Board. If approved, the child will be assigned to an orthodontist in the local area who is working with Smiles Change Lives. The treatments covered by Smiles Change Lives span an average of two years of treatments along with retainer and post treatment examinations.

Growing up is difficult enough without having to face issues with one’s teeth. The affordable braces offered by Smiles Change Lives can offer the child so many benefits. He or she can have improved oral hygiene, better speech patterns, an easier time chewing foods, and tooth wear and tear can be reduced when teeth are properly aligned.

Affordable braces also make it possible to reduce potential jaw issues in the future, they can correct habits that are harmful to the teeth and mouth, and they can elevate the child’s self esteem and confidence. Essentially, affordable braces pave the way to improved teeth and gums and better oral hygiene that will last the rest of the child’s life.