Diabetics Saving Thousands with Regular Dental Care

Subsidiary of United Concordia Dental, Highmark Inc., has made public the results of the study which involved examining claims records of more than 1.5 million patients who have their dental insurance with either Highmark Medical or United Concordia.

The results came to light after some research results in March this years showed clearly that patients with diabetes who received regular dental care for their periodontal gum disease problems, spent $1,800 less every single year on doctor visits, hospitalizations and prescription drugs.

Jim Bramson who is the dental director of United Concordia says this is the largest dental health study of its kind and it definitely has a very meaningful conclusion.

When patients with diabetes undergo proper treatments for their oral health complications even savings of $3,000 and up are possible every single year.

The pharmacy related costs for patients with diabetes who have been treated 5 to 7 times for gum disease have been reduced considerably.

The study results issued in March showed that diabetes patients with regular oral health care at the dentist had 33% fewer hospitalizations, and patients even visited the doctor 13% less than patients who did not undergo regular treatments for gum disease.

United Concordia has even come up with a few benefits which can be used in about 26 states, including Pennsylvania. This benefit is called UCWellness, and it comes as a tool to help patients get better access to proper care.

This benefit can be simply attached to the regular dental plan for the 2013 year and thus patients can enjoy 100% coverage for plenty needed dental services such as professional dental cleanings and even surgery.

Both United Concordia and Highmark are willing to expand their research and make further studies in order to see whether proper dental care at the dentist can really reduce the costs which are closely linked with heart complications, stroke or even preterm births.