Dentists Offering Chance To Win Free Smile Makeover Valued $25,000

Five local Tucson dental providers are contributing their services for a combined $25,000 free smile makeover for one lucky winner of the Tucson Smile Makeover.

The mission of Tucson Smile Makeover is to change a person’s life by providing the confidence and renewed dental health that regular dental care bring.

To win you need to complete the form and explain why should you be selected as the winner of the Tucson Smile Makeover and how would a smile makeover change your life.

Tucson Smile Makeover is a contest to win a FREE $25,000 smile makeover provided by five local dental Preferred Providers: general dentist, endodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, and periodontist.

The Tucson Smile Makeover Preferred Providers are contributing $25,000 of their services to one lucky winner.

The Preferred Providers are all owners of local and privately held dental practices; they are some of the best dental professionals in Tucson and are graduates from many of the nation’s leading dental schools.

The specialists have years of advanced training and experience that enables them to provide the most up-to-date and current dental practices.

The winner of the Tucson Smile Makeover will also receive an Oral-B/Crest SS5000 Regimen bag (Oral-B SS5000 electric toothbrush, paste, rinse and floss), two cases of Crest toothpaste, two boxes interdental cleaners, two dozen Cross Action ProHealth manual toothbrushes, and one box of Crest White Strips.

Services are contributed by the Tucson Smile Makeover Preferred Providers: Oscar Peña, DDS, MSD, PC, from OMP Endodontics; Athena Storey, DDS, from Studio Dental; Philip J. Smith, DDS, Eugene Toone, DDS, MS, and Robert S. Wood, DDS, from Arizona Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons; James Weaver, DDS, Laura Robison-Rabe, DMD, MS, and Kyle Rabe, DDS, MS, from Dr. Jaw Orthodontists, and Andrew Deeb, DMD, MS, from Arizona Periodontics.

Entries are being accepting online now through April 15 at The winner will be announced online June 15.