Dental Campaign Asking Better Support for Ontario Residents

The postcards, which outnumbered 900, wanted to urge the Government to offer more financial support and create more programs that will help the elderly, patients with disabilities or the most needy of the society get access to proper basic dental care.

It is important to mention that currently, the Ontario Health Insurance ministry program offers coverage for pretty much all standard health issues, except dental care.

Sadly, there are just too many adults living in Halliburton County and all across Ontario who have to live with infection in their mouths and bear the dental pain, because they simply cannot afford to pay for proper treatment, nor does insurance cover for these treatments.

The lack of dental insurance and the excessively high costs for dental care keep people away from getting the dental treatment they need so badly.

These postcards come as a huge protest, and many people have signed them to show that they agree the Government should take a major leap in helping these people getting access to dental care. During the meeting with MPP Scott, advocates have discussed all the important details regarding the urge of the system to do something for these people.

These dental postcards have been circulated by many organizations such as the Halliburton County FoodNet or the Halliburton County Public Library.

The entire campaign has been organized by the Ontario Oral Health Alliance. This organization came into being 5 year ago, and its main aim is to advocate with maximum strength for better access to dental care for people who are marginalized in one way or another.

On the postcards, there were imprinted photographs of real people from the Ontario area who struggle with severe dental complications, and on the bottom of the postcards the following phrase was imprinted: “Why am I living with pain and infection?”

Such visually impressive campaigns usually have a positive influence on the authorities, and hopefully they will start implementing some strategic investments to make the field of oral health care accessible to everybody.

By improving access to proper dental care, the Government will achieve so much more than just offering dental treatment to the patients.

The patients will have elevated self esteem, they will find a job much easier, they will become more sociable and socially accepted, and they will avoid diseases such as gum disease, diabetes or even heart complications which are all tied to oral heath problems.

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