Dental Bib Holders Filled with Bacteria, Study Shows

Researchers from the University of Witten/Herdecke in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) have published a clinical study which argues that dental bib holders in dental offices are not sterilized enough, and this fact brings about the existence of harmful bacteria and germs on these holders.

The researchers have analyzed 30 plastic and metal bib holders from different dental offices, and they have found such harmful microorganisms and germs on most of the holders examined.

According to Stefan Zimmer, PhD who was the lead investigator in this particular study, through the bacterial load analysis, they found that approximately 70% of the reusable bib holders are actually contaminated with such harmful germs.

Even if most of the bacteria that have been found are actually nonpathogenic ones, it is highly possible that these reusable holders cross contaminate the dental patients.

Moreover, the bacteria that have been discovered on the holders in this study do not pose a threat to people who have a general good health. However, people with weakened immune systems, the elderly and young children are actually exposed to disease threats through the contaminated bib holders.

Until now, there have been several studies released which point out clearly that these dental bib holders are posing a high risk in the dental office cross contamination sector.

Therefore, a lot of scientists agree that since the bib holders are not sufficiently sterilized by the medical staff, patients should be offered a disinfectant (aseptic) solution that they can use in order to stay away from all risks associated with contamination from these devices.

Most of the studies in the field show that the dental bib holders do actually present infectious bacteria, such as pseudomonas, S.aureus or E.coli. The researchers now ask for an efficient solution that will help reducing or even eliminating the risk of contamination or cross contamination between patients at the dental office.

Microbial contamination has been found present on both plastic and metal bib chains. Many researchers said that in general the dental team omits to recognize the importance of sterilizing the bib chain holders in between dental patients.