Cancer Warnings from the Dental Floss

The fact of the matter is that several years ago, the dental floss has been manufactured using harmless wax. The floss is actually a simple thread, and this was coated in wax to make the floss slide easier between the teeth when you cleanse them.

However, since consumerism and health awareness is ever growing, more people bought more dental floss, and some bright minds thought of replacing the harmless wax coating with Teflon coating. This is a less expensive alternative for the manufacturer, and this means floss can be sold cheap and manufacturers increase their profits.

This new coating is called PFC, or perfluorinated polymer. This is basically the same material also used to coat the Teflon pans, and this coating helps avoiding your food sticking to the pan. For kitchen use, the PFC is great, but for “dental” use?

Every time you actually floss your teeth with a floss coated with PFC, this harmful ingredient will stay in between your teeth, spread within your mouth.

Of course, such small amounts of PFC ingestion will not cause cancer or any immune diseases immediately, but with too much exposure and ingestion of this harmful chemical, people might end up with health problems eventually.

You don’t have to allow the PFC to build up in your organism, and this is why you need to make sure to purchase dental floss which is PFC free!

These coatings have been found even by the EPA as being highly toxic, and exposure to ingestion of the ingredient can cause cancerous diseases, hormonal problems and other immune system complications. Flossing is extremely important, because it helps you eliminate all the food particles that will later on cause plaque buildup on your teeth.

However, next time you will purchase dental floss make sure to check out the ingredients listed on the label. If the ingredients are not mentioned clearly, you should research for some stores that sell eco-friendly floss containing natural wax coating.

If you would like to go 100% ecological, you should also avoid the regular floss material which is made of plastic (basically, a petroleum based product). Instead, look for dental floss made of natural organic silk, coated with natural wax.