Biomaterial Speeds Up Dental Implant Healing Process

When someone goes through a traumatic dental injury, and the tooth cannot be saved, dental implant treatment is required. Even though the dental implants technology has advanced a lot over the past few years, tissue healing is still a questionable part of the entire treatment.

Some people require up to 3 months until the tissue heals nicely, while some might take even up to one year to heal properly. The Journal of Oral Implantology reports that healing time after implant procedure can be considerably reduced by using special blood platelet concentrates.

The same journal has analyzed the case of a patient who suffered an injury. He has fractured his incisor tooth during sports, and he needed a dental implant restorative treatment.

Dentists extracted the fractured tooth, then fitted the implant into place, and they additionally used a biomaterial of leukocyte and a special fibrin.

This biomaterial helps greatly with the healing process, and it can be obtained through combining fibrin membranes with platelet growth factors and cells. The material obtained this way is extremely cost effective and efficient too.

Implant dentistry will most probably welcome this new procedure, as all it takes is about 15 to 20 minutes in order to prepare the biomaterial. It has got anti-hemorrhaging properties, and thanks to the use of fibrin, there will be no sutures or incisions needed during surgery.

In the particular case of the patient who suffered incisor fracture during sports, the researchers have noted a very nice healing trajectory only two days after the surgery. A week later, the gum line was starting to become well defined, and healthy looking, and six months later, the dentist was extremely satisfied with the final result of the surgery.

This study can be found in the Journal of Oral Implantology (No.2 issue, 2012), and the main article talking about the use of this special biomaterial for dental implant faster healing purposes, is entitled “The Use of Leukocyte-and Platelet Rich Fibrin During Immediate Postextractive Implantation and Loading for the Esthetic Replacement of a Fractured Maxillary Central Incisor”

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