50% of Kentuckians Do Not Have Dental Insurance, Survey Reveals

According a survey which has been recently released, half of the adults in Kentucky lack dental insurance. Therefore, these people are exposing their dental health to great risks, and in case of a dental emergency they cannot have access of dental care.

In exact numbers, 50% of the adults equals 1.7 million people who do not have dental insurance. Of these, approximately 48% avoided getting any kind of dental treatment during the past year because they could not afford to pay for these treatments.

This particular survey has been run by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati. About 39% of the adults in Kentucky told they do not have a personal dentist, and 79% answered that the last time they visited a dental care professional was about five years go.

According to Susan Zepeda, who is chief executive and president at the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, oral health is extremely important for the overall well being, and people should become more aware of this.

Even though through the survey they found out that half of the Kentuckians do not have dental insurance it is even more surprising to find out that a great percentage of adults do not even have their own dental health provider.

A very poor dental health will surely impact the overall health, and patients get exposed to risks such as heart complications, dangerous gum disease and all types of infections within their system. If “simple” dental plaque is not removed properly, this can enter the bloodstream and cause a wide range of infections.

This is why preventive dental care is so important, and this basic/preventative dental care is typically covered 80% to 100% by proper dental insurance.

There is definitely needed a major change in the area in order to help the uninsured and those who are very poor get better chances of accessing proper dental care.

A person who neglects his dental health, actually exposes himself to great risks of infections such as dental abscesses, and then they will need to end up in the emergency room for proper treatment.

If these people would have better access to low cost dental insurance with good basic/preventative dental coverage, they would not have to put up with such dangerous dental health complications.

There are some free dental care days organized all throughout the state, but it seems these are not enough. A much bigger and better solution must be found to help those people maintain good oral health on a low cost.

These patients are not dreaming about dental implants or expensive veneers, they just want to be able to solve their basic dental care need to stay away from major health risks, dental pain and discomfort.

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