Dental Article Marketing: Take Your Business to the Next Level

People nowadays research for everything online, and quite a big percentage of your dental patients come to you as a result of finding you on the internet, or of reading positive reviews about your practice online.

However, sending articles to regular article directories is not a viable option anymore. This is mainly because the search engines are indexing differently now the pages out there, and dental link exchanges or site indexing are not as effective options nowadays. Instead, you should think of another very effective solution, and this is guest posting.

Writing important pieces of articles about your dental practice, or about the dental treatments you offer, or even about general dental treatments, and tips or tricks will definitely raise the awareness of your dental practice.

Search engines avoid exchange links, so your site is not going to be indexed high. However, dental article marketing the clever way is a much better option.

So what is dental article marketing and how can it help you?

When you write a piece of article about your dental practice, you are not writing it for search engines only. You are basically offering important, educational and informational content to real readers, who visit the respective site where you posted the article. There are great chances that if you post a truly interesting article, readers will want to find out more about you, about your dental practice.

All they have to do is click on the link provided below your article and they are redirected to your website. From there on, it really takes only a few simple steps until some of those readers will turn into your faithful customers/patients!

What is the difference between placing content on your own site and guest posting?

Indeed, why post an article on another site, when you can easily upload it to your own website? Well, with guest posting you are actually attracting new crowds of readers.

On your site, the article you post will mainly be read by your usual visitors. If you want a new influx of readers, you should think about guest posting on highly authoritative dentistry websites.

First of all, you need to do a thorough research and find a dental website which has got a huge mass of readers and subscribers out there – just like Dental Health Magazine (

Then, you should read through the posts a little in order to catch the essence of the entire website and of the content in general. Are they focused on offering information regarding cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and tips and tricks about oral hygiene? Try to think similarly, and come up with a piece of clever content that would match the profile of the website.

Then, contact the website owner telling that you would like to guest post on the blog/website. Both sides involved will win a little bit. The website receives a free, educational piece of content, while you are allowed this way to “advertise” yourself or your dental practice for free. Guest posting can really work wonders for your dental practice, just make sure to offer truly valuable content to the readers!

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  • Lorrin

    Yes, totally agreed with the author that online marketing is way too effective for any business industry though it is a dental practice too. Driving people to your website or blog or article is an important internet trick and it is somehow a very beneficial for even dentists too. Everyone can certainly take the benefit of it. Again in the end, well said. :)