3 Funny Dental Commercials

You can usually expect a clinical presentation with dental advertisements. Admittedly, most people make dental health less of a priority and this is probably why many of the dental commercials we see are serious and direct in this aspect. Dental professionals would prefer it if people take their dental health seriously.

There are, however, few exceptions. A funny approach to dental commercials is unorthodox, but it does catch attention and it’s more entertaining. More often than not, we remember funny commercials because the scenes are retained in our memory better than the serious approach. Advertising studies do show that a humorous treatment to commercials have better impact among its audience.

Below are a few examples of funny dental commercials from all over the world:


This is a sexy and funny advertisement for Sensodyne toothpaste. A Hollywood film most likely inspired this, as the scenes are very familiar.

A couple spends a romantic night together and the man makes use of ice cubes to entice his lady. The foreplay is done sensually and you immediately get the sense that this couple is bound to have the time of their life. But as the lady puts the ice cubes in her mouth, watch what happens that turns this romantic night into a disaster.


With any product, sex definitely sells. Most students learn that right away in Advertising 101 and this commercial also holds the same concept.

The scene starts off with a couple having dinner and the woman clearly taking control of the situation as to how much they have to eat, and how they spend the night. But just as you expect something is about to happen, the woman abruptly ends it, closes the lights and goes to sleep.

Later, she wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the bathroom. A buzzing sound is heard from there, as well as the woman laughing softly. The advertisers were clever enough not to show the actual scenes, leaving the audience to imagine what is happening exactly.  It’s a very suggestive and humorous commercial of a woman giving herself a treat. Except, of course, the treat is in a form of a toothbrush.


This last commercial features an Indian woman who is working her way into the kitchen. She bakes a cake to commemorate an anniversary or something really romantic, as she decorates this with a heart frosting. But while dancing and carrying the cake with her, she carelessly lets go of it and the cake smashes into the fridge.

As it turns out, she baked the cake wrong because it was too hard, enough to break the fridge it smashes into. Her lover arrives, sees the cake and goes for it and was too late to stop him from eating. But as he takes a bite of the cake, watch what happens in the video. This commercial is aptly called  “Strongest Teeth”, with the scenes played out so well.

Dental visits can be nerve-wracking and hilarious incidents aside, it’s important to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to appease fears of being at the dentist. Tips and guides on how to prepare yourself for dentist visits are found at BracesCostInfo.