5 Ways to Take the Best Advantage of Your Individual Dental Insurance

Read about a few tips that can help you get the most out of your individual dental insurance plan.

1. Respect the regular checkups no matter what

By going to the dentist at least twice a year for those regular checkups, you can prevent so many painful and costly damages to your teeth. A tiny cavity is discovered in time, your insurance covers a certain percentage while the rest will be paid out of pocket and the problem is resolved.

But if you allow that tiny cavity to turn into a damage where you already need root canal therapy, you will have to pay thousands out of pocket. Be responsible and respect those regular dental checkups- your teeth will thank you for that.

2. Do you know what you are paying for?

Your insurance is cheap and it covers for 2 dental checkups and cleanings per year…in big lines, this is all you know about your insurance. However, in order to understand fully what you are paying for, you should read all the descriptions of your benefits.

There are many limitations and exclusions which are not “advertised”, so you might end up paying money for an insurance policy that is useless to you. If you know every detail of you coverage you will be able to take the best advantage of your dental coverage.

3. How to avoid exceeding those annual limits

If it is possible, you should delay your needed dental work especially if the treatment costs way more than what your insurance covers. Check the start and end date on your policy, and talk to your dentist about performing only those treatments which are the most important. Anything that can be delayed, should be left for the next coverage year when the policy will renew itself and you have got a better coverage.

4. Overcoming surprise fees

If you need dental bridges for example, this is not an emergency treatment. You should talk to your dentist to help you work out a plan so that you can see clearly what the insurance covers and what are your out of pocket expenses. This is the smartest way to go, especially when you need dental treatment that is costly.

5. Watch out for the LEAT provisions

LEAT, or least expensive alternative treatment is many times a provision displayed within the fine print of a dental insurance policy. It basically means that the insurer will cover only for the cheapest available treatment. If you are struggling with missing teeth, the best alternative would be the dental implants.

However, the cheapest acceptable treatments covered partially are dental bridges, or dentures. The same goes for fillings- under a LEAT provision, your insurer will offer coverage only for cavity fillings that are made of the cheapest material.

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