Most Wanted: Affordable Dental Care

One of the main buzzwords nowadays is affordable dental care. Even though you hear all the time about fantastic offers from dental insurance companies, or dental plans which are cheap, still…people need truly affordable dental care.

When it comes to basic dental care, this might be covered quite well by dental insurance. Here, we should mention oral health examinations, or professional dental cleanings twice a year. Other than that, a very little percentage of the people can afford more complex dental treatments that are cosmetic in nature.

If a tooth becomes very badly damaged by an abscess, root canal treatment is imperative to remove the entire infected tooth root pulp. However in case the root canal treatment fails, the tooth cannot be saved and it needs extraction.

In such cases, patients would need a replacement for that tooth. There are two options: a dental crown or a dental implant. The latter is the most wanted procedure, and the most efficient too, but a dental implant can easily exceed $4,000 in many parts of the US.

This is why, more patients orientate themselves towards affordable dental treatment options given by:

Dental tourism – traveling to countries such as Mexico, Thailand, India, or in Europe (Hungary, Romania, Poland), patients can get extremely high quality dental care at a fraction of the cost they would pay at home. Dental implants for example, go between $700 and up to $1,000 on average.

Dental schools – here, dental students offer a wide variety of dental treatments, while they are supervised by professional dentists. However, the time required for appointments is much longer, since students are still learning and they work slower, plus there are waiting lists operated. Some eligibility criteria must be met, and if you need affordable or free dental care, you should definitely explore the options in your are by checking out the dental schools.

Free dental care events – thanks to non profit organizations such as Mission of Mercy, the less fortunate people can have access to free dental care. These organizations hold such free dental events all across the US, all year round. You just need to search for free dental care in your area, to see when and where they will be organized. Some of the free dental care treatments offered generally include the most basic ones: extractions, cavity fillings or professional dental cleanings.

Those people who are neither eligible for the free dental treatment events, nor being able to afford getting their treatments through dental tourism, should explore the dental discount plans offers.

You only have to pay an annual membership, which is generally between $70 and up to $100 per individual/year, and then you can enjoy a wide variety of discounted dental treatments. The discounts vary between 10% and up to 60%, depending.

So if your dental insurance is not enough, because you need dental crowns or maybe braces, make sure to check out the dental discount plans out there. These are the main affordable dental treatment options, and with a little bit of research and luck you can get the dental care that you need on reduced costs.