Use your Dental Insurance Before New Year

The New Year is barely one month away, and that dental insurance may still offer some coverage for the year.

From January 2013, you will most probably have to pay your premiums and deductibles before anything is covered in terms of dental treatments.

You have been paying all year long for your insurance, so why not taking advantage of it before coverage ends?

Check out the yearly maximum

This is the maximum coverage that your insurer offers before the end of the calendar year. If you still have some remaining coverage, make use of it because the amount will not be prescribed for the next year. It will be erased.

Check your deductibles

Have you already paid for the deductible this year? Then, it is time to call the dentist and make an appointment for a regular dental examination, for a professional dental cleaning, for a tiny filling, descaling or anything else that could be covered through insurance and the deductible.

Sooner and cheaper

Don’t wait with that dental treatment until 2013 just because you think a new huge coverage will start. The fees for dental insurance are ever changing, and you might easily be surprised when you will need to pay 10% or 15% more expensive premiums from January 2013. Call your dentist, check your insurance and save those teeth before the year ends.

Prevention is best cure

You don’t have to wait until a dental emergency kicks in to actually use your dental insurance. Holidays are coming, and the least you can do for your teeth is offer them a thorough professional dental cleaning, plaque removal, and get all those cavities filled.

Even if you have to support some out of pocket fees, it is worth it, knowing that you can indulge in all those sweet delicacies from the Christmas table, plus avoid any dental emergency

Do not be ignorant with your dental insurance. If you paid regularly for your premiums, but you didn’t really need to use your insurance this year, it is time to speed up now towards the end of the year.

There are many preventative dental treatments which are extremely important, and many of these are covered 100% by insurance. So, take out your documents from the drawer and read carefully to see how much coverage you have still got for 2012!