Uninsured Received Free Dental Treatments

On this event, dentists offered free dental treatments to uninsured patients from the community.

The lack of proper dental insurance is a huge problem for someone struggling with abscessed teeth or missing teeth which would need urgent care.

The dentists offered a wide range of free dental treatments on this day, such as professional dental cleanings or cavity fillings.

Some patients were treated on the spot, while others with more complex dental issues were referred to specialist services offered by other participating dental offices across the town.

By 7:45 am on Saturday, as many as 100 patients took their seats in the dental chairs for the needed free dental treatments.

By the end of the day, dentists have managed to offer free dental treatments to as many as 120 patients.

The professionals offered well over $30,000 in free dental work only on this day.

This has been a first cone first served free dental treatments day.

Such free dental treatments events are extremely valuable, especially in areas where the number of people without proper dental insurance is too high.