Permanent Free Dental Clinic for Uninsured in Illinois

This is the Chicago Dental Society Foundation Clinic.

At this free dental work clinic, dental hygienists and licensed dentists are going to offer basic/preventative dental care to patients in need.

The free dental work clinic is aimed at helping mainly uninsured patients from the following areas:

Lake, DuPage and Cook counties.

It is important to keep in mind that in order to get eligible for the free dental work treatments, patients will need to make proof of residency and poof of income.

It is also extremely important to start spreading the word that such a free dental work clinic is available in the Wheaton area.

The greatest majority of the patients below the income level, who are uninsured and maybe out of a job too, do not have the means to access information online.

The exact location of the free dental wok clinic is at 416 E. Roosevelt Road I Wheaton, IL.

Those patients who would like to find out more information regarding this permanent free dental work clinic or those who wish to make an appointment should call at the following number:


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