Living Frugal: Save on Dental Care

One of the most important area where such savings are needed is definitely dental care, considering the outrageous fees charged even for a simple cavity filling or a professional dental cleaning. Make sure to keep reading if you want to find out a few tips and tricks on how you can lower significantly the costs needed for dental care.

Save on Dental Care: Keep up with the regular dental cleanings

Even though it might sound a simplistic dental care saving tip, it is very important to schedule these regular dental cleanings. Such a cleaning can keep at bay unwanted dental cavities, gingivitis and one of the most feared dental condition, which is gum disease.

If you make an effort to to actually show up for those appointments on regular dental cleanings, in the long run you can save thousands of dollars, not to mention the fact that you can avoid the pain generally associated with such complex dental problems.

Check your insurance now, and if it offers coverage for one dental cleaning per year, make sure to make the appointment, plus pay for one more procedure (you should get two professional dental cleanings per year- one every six months).

Save on Dental Care: Prioritizing needed dental work

If you will prioritize the needed dental work, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money at once, and dental care will be accessible and affordable to you. For example, if you need an extraction, cavity fillings but also a dental crown, then ask your dentist to perform the mostly needed work first.

He will obviously go for the extraction and the dental fillings, and you can postpone for a few more months getting the dental crown Or, if you are missing teeth in the front and postponing the dental crown is not possible talk to your dentist to pay in installments for that procedure (which is actually the most expensive of the three).

The most urgent dental work needs to be performed first, and your dentist is the one who will schedule nicely the order of the dental treatments you need.

Save on Dental Care: What to do if you have very little dental insurance

In that case, you should opt for a dental discount plan. Instead of upgrading to even more expensive insurance, just pay a one time fee for the dental plan, and you will get discounts for a wide range of dental procedures that you need. The cost of the dental discount plan is about $80 to $100 per year, and you have to choose a dentist from within the network. Show him the card, and you will get discounts of up to 60% for whatever you need.

Save on Dental Care: Ask straight for a cash discount

Dentists are willing to offer quite some nice discounts, if the patient is willing to pay upfront and in full for the treatment. For instance if the dental crowns cost $1,000, and you ask your dentist for a cash discount, he might offer you 15% off. This means you will pay only $850 for the dental crown you need, so you managed to save quite some money.

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