No Insurance Dental Extraction Costs

You should keep in mind that a badly abscessed or decayed tooth must be extracted, otherwise it will create further complications.

Your dentist might recommend extraction not only for extremely damaged teeth, but also for teeth which are impacted, or extremely overcrowded teeth.

There are many types of extractions available, and the one you will need highly depends on the condition of the tooth and other factors. Here are the main extraction types:

– simple extraction- is indeed the simplest, where the dentist will loosen your gums and then use the forceps to extract the tooth.

-impacted teeth extraction- requires a more complex extraction procedure. The dentist will first have to create an incision into the gum line, to free up the impacted tooth and make extraction possible. Stitches might be needed afterwards.

-surgical extraction- this is a procedure performed when above the gum line there is no enamel visible, or when the tooth is broken off completely leaving only the root existent within the jawbone. Sutures are generally required after extraction.

-wisdom teeth extraction- generally, wisdom teeth need to be extracted because if they are allowed to erupt they might cause overcrowded teeth which will affect your entire oral health and the aesthetics of the smile. The dentist might be able to extract the wisdom tooth easily with incision and the forceps, or it might take a more complex surgical procedure.

The costs of extraction without dental insurance:

For a simple extraction you will pay anything between $180 and $200.

For a more complex surgical extraction where the tooth is erupted but more work is needed such as bone removal, you will pay about $300+

Impacted teeth removal costs about $350

Extraction of an impacted tooth deeply (but partially only) rooted within the jawbone will cost $420+

Extraction of an impacted tooth which is completely impacted into the bone costs $520+

Removal of roots after extraction costs about $330

Dental insurance is extremely important, because if you need a simple extraction for instance you will pay only about $70 out of pocket, since the rest is covered by the policy.

Also, with proper dental insurance you will pay only about $150 for removal of an impacted tooth, as compared to $350 without any dental insurance coverage.