Free & Low Cost Dental Care at Dental Schools

At the dental schools you will receive excellent quality dental treatments. These treatments are performed by students indeed, but they are supervised 100% all throughout the procedures, so there is nothing to worry about.

Most often, at dental schools they offer free professional dental cleanings, full mouth checkups, fluoride treatments, or dental sealants which are relatively simple to perform and do not involve any dangers. Now there are many dental schools where they will also offer major dental treatments such as dental implants, and even orthodontic care.

For the preventative/basic dental care offered through dental schools, you will most likely not have to pay anything. However, if you will get your dental braces through the dental schools you will need to pay at least for the dental materials utilized to create your braces, the lab technician fees, etc.

Dental students are always under the scrutiny of professional dentists while they perform work. Neither the students nor the dentists can afford any mistakes or complications to appear while dental treatment is performed on a patient.

One of the downsides of getting your treatment in a dental school is that it will take a much longer time than it normally does in the dental office. The dentist will check many times the treatment performed by the students, and then these schools operate according to waiting lists.

For example, if you go to your dentist for a root canal treatment, this will be performed in about 1.5 hours. At the dental school expect that the same treatment will take even up to 5 hours- but then, you will have to pay very little or nothing at all for getting such an expensive treatment. A root canal treatment at the private dentist costs about $900+.

The priority is always given to people with a low income, or those without dental insurance. Also, if you need cavity fillings, but the respective school does not run a program for fillings until in about 6 months, you will have to wait.

It is always good to explore your options when you lack dental insurance or lack the necessary funds to receive proper dental treatment. Start by researching online some dental schools that are located in your area, and call to make enquiries.

There is almost always some kind of program rolling that offers free or low cost dental treatments to patients. This way, even if you will just get a professional dental cleaning for free, you have instantly saved about $70; then, if you will get one cavity filling for free, you saved about $100+.

Contact the dental schools and ask about what can they offer you- even if you save 30% of the total costs that is already a win situation.

  • Numpol Dejtiranukul, DMD

    If feasible, going to a dental school can mean savings of up to 50 percent on services compared to going to a private practice. Quality is of course wonderful as dental students are constantly supervised by the clinical instructor.

    I remember in my years as a dental student our appointments would be broken up into two 3 hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. Usually each session was good for one procedure such as one filing or one crown.

    You’ve got to have patience though, typically there are another 8-10 dental students also waiting to get checked in before their filling can start and there are several checkpoints in which the clinical intructor must check before a procedure is completed.

    Unfortunately, many people do not live close to a dental school. In our area, there is a dental within 45 of us which we recommend quite frequently.

  • Heather Harper

    I am very interested in knowing bout the dental schools. I have very little income, & no insurance. But I do have full Medicaid at the time. I live in Roanoke,Al. I was wondering if there was anywhere close to here that helps low income familys with dental work. I really have bad teeth & they give me trouble all the time. The break very easy. I’m a very bad diabetic & that’s not helped my gums either. Thanxs for ur time.