Family Dental Plans Can Save you Money

There are individual dental plans available, but also family dental plans which cover for all the members of the family. These family plans are extremely affordable too.

With family dental plans, dental care for the entire family will become extremely affordable. Moreover, once you have a dental plan all the members of the family are encouraged to visit the dentist regularly. With regular checkups and minor dental treatments done in time, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

According to plenty of dental health statistics the number one dental disease among kids is dental decay. It is even more often occurring than asthma or other such childhood diseases. When kids put up with pain and discomfort because of dental decay they cannot concentrate at school, so it is of primordial importance that the child has access to regular visits at the dentist.

With a dental plan, all the family members will afford going to the dentist regularly and this way avoiding any complications. Preventative dental care costs average about 10 times less than dental treatments which are more advanced (such as gum disease treatment, emergency dental care, root canal therapies needed because of abscess, etc.)

Sadly, well over 120 million people across the US do not have dental insurance. The high cost is the number one reason why these people cannot afford dental insurance, but there are also many other facts that play a role:
-the high deductibles
-the long waiting periods
-high premiums
-very limited annual maximum coverage
-exclusions & limitations
-pre-existent health conditions

Now, a dental plan for a family will start at around $120-$130 per year, and it is indeed the best alternative to the overpriced dental insurance. All you need to do is pay the annual membership, and then you will receive a card. Every time you visit the dentist you will have to show your card and discounts apply on the spot.

– With dental plans, the entire family can enjoy discounts, all year round.
– There are no annual maximum limits and no waiting periods. You purchase your plan today, and you can enjoy the needed dental care on a discounted price tomorrow if needed
– You can save a lot of money not only on preventative dental care such as oral health checkups, but also on major dental treatments such as root canal therapies, dental braces for your child, dental crowns and plenty more

Some of the most popular family dental plans include the following:
-the CIGNA Plus Savings (powered by CIGNA Dental Network Access). With this plan, orthodontics are included and some of the discounted fees are:$59 for a simple extraction, $49 for adult dental cleaning (from $102 regular price!), and dental sealants at only $29.

-the Vital Savings by Aetna- members of this plan can enjoy savings between 15% and up to 55% on a higher variety of dental care services. The plan offers discounts not only for preventive dentistry treatments but also for dental crowns, orthodontics, root canal treatments, cavity fillings and more.

  • Bill Randell

    These plans are not bad but if you can convince your employer to offer a dental plan you are better.

    None of these membership fees are tax deductible and all your expenses would be considered unreimbursed medical expenses that are only deductible to the extent the exceed 7.5% of AGI

    On the other hand premiums through an employer sponsored Section 125 plan are 100% tax deductible. Would you rather use tax deductible or non tax deducitble dollars to pay for you dental expenses?

    Don’t get me wrong, if dental insurance is not an option then these memebrship plans can be a viable option.

  • Craig

    I think Dental Plans make so much more sense that traditional dental insurance these days. If you don’t wish to give up on the insurance, you can sometimes even use dental plans along with your dental insurance for even more savings on your dental care. Definitely worth looking at.