Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Insurance

Some of the main factors influencing the price of the insurance are the maximum annual coverage, deductibles, the dental treatments covered, major dental services coverage and plenty more.

The dental insurance coverage
The dental insurance plans that offer a higher coverage are obviously much more expensive. Then, the exact amount or percentage of coverage will also affect the overall cost of the premiums. For example, some dental insurance providers offer 50% coverage for certain dental treatments, while others may offer only 30% or even less.

However, if you generally struggle with plenty of dental problems, it is much more convenient to opt for an insurance policy that offers the highest coverage. This way, you will pay a bit higher premiums but then when you will need coverage the out of pocket expenses are more affordable.

There are also plans which offer only as little as 10% coverage from the cost and these are not worth buying only if they offer full coverage for preventative/basic dental care, and if these services are the most likely needed by you.

The annual coverage limit
The average dental insurance policy covers for about $1,000 per year in dental services. But if you will need dental treatments that cost much more than the annual maximum coverage, you have two options:

-you will pay for the difference out of pocket
-go without dental insurance, and choose a dental discount plan instead which offers discounts of up to 60% even on major dental care

Special dental coverage
There are dental insurance policies which offer coverage for things like orthodontics, dental crowns, and even implants in some rare cases. However, these insurance policies are quite expensive. Or, you can choose a standard dental insurance plan and have special additions for dental crowns, root canal treatments or dental braces for kids/adults.

The dental insurance policies which offer emergency dental coverage or those which allow you to go to a dentist outside the network of providers will also be more costly. It is all about the flexibility as you can note. The higher the flexibility a dental insurance policy offers, the greater the costs.

The dental insurance deductibles
The deductible is the amount of money you need to pay every time before the insurer will offer coverage for the services. Insurance policies with a high deductible come with lower premiums, while policies with low deductibles come with more expensive premiums.

In case you need dental treatments quite often, a smart step would be to choose a dental insurance with higher premiums and very low deductibles, because it is much more affordable this way. Also, if you have got a general good dental health, you can opt for a low premium insurance with a higher deducible, since you anticipate using your insurance quite rarely so why pay those expensive premiums each month?

Consider all these factors very well before buying dental insurance.

  • http://www.massdentalinsurance.com Bill Randell

    Pay attention to plan year or calendar year benefit. Most dental plans are typically calendar year. If you are thinking of installing a dental plan, definately put in towards the end of the year.

    For example, if you were to start October 1st, you can max out the plan by the end of December. January 1st you can start all over again with a calendar year maximum plan.