Am I Eligible for a Full Coverage Dental Insurance

The doubt is but obvious because dental insurance is something that is not offered by all insurance company. It is a minor investment and can easily be carried out by the person himself.

Well it is a myth and dental insurance is easily available. If you want to protect your family from dental problem and want to give them good dental health, it is vital to have a regular checkup. The checkups will surely need money and if you are insured you will save the hard earned money. Let’s discuss some points that you should be aware of before signing dental insurance plan.

When signing the dental insurance you should know about the monthly premium, your deductible amount and what will be the company coverage scheme. Apart, you also should look for the limitations in the insurance, what would be the waiting period and the providers’ network. When satisfied from every angle you should move ahead with the insurance plan.

The amount of information needed for the insurance plan is quite much and to gather the information may seem hectic to you but to do the research is a must. A good research will take you to a better insurance plan.

The cost of health care is on rise. To combat the cost of medical bill medical coverage is purchased by individuals or it is offered by the majority of good employer. However this cannot be applied for dental coverage. But dental coverage is both expensive and quite frequent so insurance is needed here too. In the past individuals use to have dental insurance through indemnity plan. It had its own pros and cons. The Pros of the indemnity plan were…

  • The patient is not restricted in choosing the dentist. He can go to anyone of his/her choice.
  • The cover carries up to 100% preventive care
  • The patient can enjoy 50-80% of the subsidized bill over the medical process including fillings, root canal, cleaning and other dental health care basics.

And it is not that indemnity plan has only advantages. It carries disadvantages too. Let’s have a look at some of the cons of the dental insurance.

  • When you pay the deductible amount, your dental insurance will cover usual, customary and reasonable costs of your visit. The other responsibility will be carried out by you.
  • There is a certain limit of the amount paid by the insurance company. If you exceed the amount the additional cost will be a burden on you.
  • Sometime you may have to wait for 12 months for severe and complicated dental process like dentures and crowns.

All in all, the plan has its own advantages but often carry deductibles, yearly maximums, and good amount of waiting periods that may seem impractical for the patients suffering from dental pain. The dental insurance plan may be helpful for preventative care but not apt for full coverage.

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