Dental Schools: Top Secrets for Affordable Dental Care

Here, the treatments are offered by dental students, but they are constantly supervised by an experienced dentist. This why the treatment are affordable and are also lengthier.

Here are a few secrets that you should know regarding access to truly affordable dental care at such schools:

Remember that the dental schools generally accept al kinds of dental insurance policies. However, right before going for the first checkup, it would be a good idea to call the school and check whether they accept your insurance.

Students are always overseen by expert dentists. Most of the dentists overseeing the students at these schools do have a brilliant career behind them. They have written and published important articles and books in the field of dentistry, and many of them have brought truly amazing innovations to the field of dentistry. Therefore, all your misconceptions regarding affordable treatment received in a dental school should vanish forever.

Low Cost – indeed, at these schools you will pay only a fraction of the price charged by a private dentist. Here you can get veneers, dental bridges, braces, root canal treatments or dental implants at amazing prices you can afford. The quality of the work is very high, while the prices are low… exactly what you are looking for!

Free Dental treatments – in order to become licensed dentists, the students need to pass some important exams. At these exams, the professor will oversee his work while fixing the teeth of a patient. Sometimes, patients enrolled with these dental schools can qualify as National Board examination patients, which means that they will get free dental treatments.

As you can notice, all the arguments speak in favor of choosing a dental school if you do not have proper dental insurance, or if you simply cannot afford to pay the high fees at a private dentist.

The appointments might take longer than appointments at the regular dentist, and generally there are long waiting lists. Even like this, it is worth enrolling because you are eligible to pay fees even up to 60% lower than the fees charged by a private dentist.