Dental Insurance: About The Pre-Existing Conditions

Most of the basic dental procedures are covered either partly or fully (depending on the type of the plan). Dental insurance also generally covers fully for two thorough dental checkups per year, which means that you can prevent any major dental issue provided you visit the dentist regularly. But how about the pre –existing dental conditions?

What is a pre-existing dental condition?

The pre existing condition is a dental problem that you already have before insurance takes effect. For instance, if you have got gum disease, and your insurance excludes treatment for pre-existing conditions, you will not get coverage from the insurer.

The same goes for missing teeth. If you have got missing teeth at the time you take out insurance, the insurer will not cover anything for you to get dentures or other prosthetics.

Other considerations regarding dental insurance & pre existing conditions

There are many types of dental insurances available, so you really need to be selective. Some dental insurance policies will start offering the benefits only after 12 months. After the waiting period is up, the insurer might pay partly or fully for the dental treatments needed.

You need to be even more careful because many dental insurance policies will offer minimum of coverage for major dental treatments, even if the problems were not listed as pre existing. For example, if you need treatment for gum disease, and even though you developed gum disease while the dental insurance was already in force…the insurer might cover only very little from the total amount.

Before the benefits will start, many insurers ask for a deductible, so read carefully all the terms and conditions of the policy.

Treat problems before buying dental insurance

If you do not want to face any problems regarding the pre existing conditions and dental insurance coverage issue, you should get treatment in time. Have your dental cavities filled, your gingivitis treated and in general make sure that when you buy dental insurance you have a generally good oral health.

Now you might think why you need dental insurance if you have to treat your dental problems beforehand? Because the dental insurance is going to offer you good coverage for all the upcoming dental problems, plus you can save a lot of money on the regular checkups and minor dental treatments which are fully covered by a good dental insurance.

Considering dental insurance alternatives

If you believe that a dental insurance will not really help you since you have got too many dental complications, you might want to choose a dental discount plan instead. These plans offer discounts between 10% and up to 60% on a huge variety of dental treatments.

Get such a dental plan, and start treating your dental problems, starting with the most important ones. Then, when you have a good oral health, you will be able to buy insurance with low premiums, which offers good coverage from there on.