Dental Insurance Best Alternatives

For patients who do not have good dental coverage, even a professional dental cleaning can seem to cost a fortune. For those who have got limited coverage through insurance or those who do not have dental insurance at all, there are few alternatives available which can be used:

The discount dental clinics

With a little bit of online research, you will find plenty of discount or free dental clinics that offer dental care treatments. However, most of these clinics are suitable for people with a low income, so the clinics themselves are generally situated in such neighborhoods where there is a big percentage of people with low income.

You should perform a local search online to check out where exactly these dental clinics are located, and then you should contact them and ask more about the eligibility criteria.

Many such free dental clinics are organized temporarily and these are sponsored by Mission of Mercy non profit organization. Some of these free dental clinics even provide dental care at no cost, regardless of whether you have a low income or not.

The second best option to dental insurance – the discount dental plans

If you have limited coverage on your dental insurance, or you don’t have dental insurance at all, a very good option would be to check out the dental discount plans available. These are offered by many providers, so run a research online and comparison shop smartly.

You basically have to pay an annual membership fee (between $75 and $100 for individual dental plans), and then you will have access to discounted dental care. The discounts range between 10% and up to 60% on a very wide variety of dental treatments.

The dental discount plans are mainly offering the higher discounts for preventative dental care such as cleanings, or oral examinations, while the lower discounts are offered for major dental care treatments including wisdom teeth removal, cavity fillings, dental restorations, dentures, or dental braces.

If you and your family cannot afford traditional, good coverage dental insurance, such a dental discount plan may be the right option. There are also family dental discount plans available which provide discounts for up to 4 members of a family.

Financing at the dental office

There are many dentists out there who are willing to accept that you pay in installments for the needed dental treatment. For instance, if you need dentures and these cost $900, you could pay in up to 6 installments for the needed treatment.

Such financing is different both for preventative/basic dental care and for cosmetic dental procedures. Just talk to your dentist and ask if he offers patient financing option- it may be much cheaper than if you would consider other options. Dentists need the work, and you need the treatments- so there must be some kind of compromise available!

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