Dental Chains: Afford Dental Care

Many people cannot afford decent dental care. Some cannot afford any dental care whatsoever.

Due to the horrible job market and rough economy the numbers of those without dental insurance are increasing every day.

These people are not getting proper dental care, and in some cases they are ignoring issues that can be extremely painful and crippling, while others are dealing with potentially lethal conditions due to the poor dental conditions.

A simple tooth infection can turn deadly if a person cannot have the tooth pulled and get sufficient antibiotics to fix the situation.

Root canals can be just as dangerous if ignored, and can cause permanent damage to your jaw and every single other tooth.

Now, consider those situations along with the fact that about a third of all Americans do not have dental insurance and cannot afford to pay full price for dental work. Pretty horrifying, isn’t it?

The sad part is that there are many dental chains that are making a profit from these poor people.

There are companies that are preying on those without insurance or who have a low income. How?

They are offering dental work and letting you pay with credit extended to you by the clinic.

While this may sound like a decent deal, it is not. The clinics are charging ridiculously high rates for every procedure and charging high interest rates as well.

As an alternative to these companies, consider options such as free volunteer clinics.

Another option is a dental school. Whatever you do, do not let yourself fall prey to one of these chains, there are many other options available to you.