Choosing the Best Individual Dental Insurance

Your needs are extremely important, this is why you should choose a dental insurance plan that is indeed tailored to suit your individual needs. You should not buy dental insurance which offers coverage for dental braces and which is quite expensive too, if your teeth are perfectly straight.

Basically, insurers offer three important levels of dental coverage that you can choose from:

  • preventative/basic dental treatments coverage
  • restorative dentistry treatments
  • major/complex dental treatments coverage

In any case, you must have a discussion with your dental insurance agent, and he is going to explain to you what exactly is covered through each plan, what the limitations/exclusions are and which the annual coverage limit is.

Best Individual Dental Insurance: Network based dental insurance plans

The most flexible types of individual dental insurance policies are the ones where the treatments are offered through dentists from within a certain network. By choosing a dentist from the network of the provider, you will surely enjoy the maximum of benefits displayed within insurance.

Otherwise, if you choose to visit your preferred dentist, you will not get maximum of coverage. The best thing you can do if you already have a preferred dentist, is to ask him which network is he signed up to, and make sure to choose that specific dental plan.

It is not worth switching providers and going to a dentist you do not know, for the sake of saving a few dollars per month. Even more so, you can get eligible for even greater discounts if your dentist refers you to a certain plan/provider.

Best Individual Dental Insurance: Everything comes down to money

Besides choosing a plan that is suitable to your exact needs, you also need to choose one that is budget friendly. You need to assess your financial situation and see how much you can afford to spend monthly/yearly on the premiums for your dental insurance. The cost of the plan is indeed a very important criterion when it comes to selecting the perfect plan.

You should definitely run a thorough research and comparison shop smartly. Analyze in depth all the different individual dental plans available out there, and consider affordability and coverage limits or the exclusions.

If you generally have a good dental health, you will want to choose a dental plan with lower premiums and implicitly a higher deductible. If, on the other hand you need to go to the dentist quite often, you should definitely go for higher premiums and lower deductibles on your dental insurance policy.

Best Individual Dental Insurance: Extra inclusions/Additional coverage

Check out what the additional coverage includes in your plan. Some reputable insurers will offer besides the preventative/basic dental care some cosmetic related dental treatments coverage (such as dental bonding for example).

Basic dental insurance with a flexible and rich additional coverage is much cheaper than a major coverage dental insurance, so you should look for these.

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