Affordable Dentistry: Alternatives to Pay for Major Dental Work

The main problem is that many people without good dental insurance coverage postpone for too long their dental treatments.

This is how you can easily end up needing an ultra expensive root canal treatment instead of a cavity filling. When you need root canal treatment, it already means you cannot postpone this treatment anymore, because infection can spread very quickly and cause a lot of damage…

Several statistics point out that about 50% of the Americans do not have dental insurance, and:

-77% of these people who do not have dental insurance will postpone their dental care

-about 75% of he people without dental insurance generally go to the dentist only when they struggle with dental pain and infection. They will never go to the dentist “just” for a checkup or a regular dental cleaning

How to save up to 60% of the dental costs without having dental insurance?

Is this possible? Yes, it is. So if you are among those people who do not have proper dental insurance, you might want to keep reading. If you need a root canal treatment, a filling or an extraction you cannot sign up today for dental insurance and go to the dentist tomorrow by having coverage.

Dental insurance does not work this way, because the insurer can have you waiting even up to 6 months until coverage kicks in. Therefore, getting proper dental insurance needs to be done in time, not when you already struggle with an emergency and need quickly dental care.

The best alternative is the Discount Dental Plan. There are many healthcare companies out there offering such discount plans, and you should make a thorough research. The best thing about a dental discount plan is that these will have no waiting periods, annual coverage limits or exclusions/limitations.

If you have been today at the dentist, and he told you that you need urgently a root canal treatment or an extraction, you can purchase a dental discount plan, and get the discounts tomorrow at the dentist. The overall cost of a dental discount plan for the premiums is about 70% lower than what you would pay for your dental insurance on an annual basis.

How dental discount plans work?

There is a network made up of dentists who agree to offer dental treatments on a discounted price. Generally, these charges are between 10% and up to 60% cheaper than the normal price of the respective treatment.

Therefore, if a root canal treatment normally costs $1,100 at the dentist, and through the dental discount plan you get 30% off for this procedure, you will need to pay only $770 for the treatment. Of course, the discount can be much higher, or much lower but nevertheless you will get a discount.

Many people consider dental discount plans to get braces which are not even covered through insurance. Braces cost on average $4,000 to $5,000, and with a dental discount plan you will pay only about $3,000 for the dental braces you need.